15 Inspiring Names That Mean Sun For Boys and Girls

Searching for an inspiring name for our children can be a challenging ordeal. Various names are inspiring, but what’s more inspiring than the sun? If you’re like me, you want to make sure that your child’s name makes a statement.

Various names are derived from biblical stories or even from ancient times that have significant meanings in various cultures. Many names are translated through a variety of cultures and are used for both boys and girls.

Babies bring so much happiness and joy into our lives. This joy radiates like the sun and gives us life and purpose! 

Based on this, why not give your sweet, beautiful, radiating child a name that shows just how bright they really are? Here are 15 inspiring names that mean sun, with choices for both boys and girls.

Sun-Inspired Names for Boys

These boys’ names trace their roots to ancient times, named after individuals who have solidified themselves in history as some of the world’s most powerful men. If you are expecting a boy, you can’t go wrong with these sunny names.


This is one of my personal favorites, as Aidan is derived from Irish Gaelic and is pronounced “Aodhan, which translates to “born of fire,” and refers to the Celtic god of the sun. Aidan is also the name of an Irish saint renowned for his kindness and generosity towards everyone he met. 

Aidan is a very popular name and ranked in the top 100 baby names on the US Social Security list for more than 15 years. 


This name traces its roots back to India and means “ray of light.” You will like this name because it is gender-neutral and can be given to any baby. This traditional Hindu name has experienced an increase in popularity throughout the world, most notably in various western countries. There are a variety of different similar names, such as the Irish Kieran and Karen. 


Samson has Hebrew roots and is the biblical name for the sun. In biblical times, Samson was a judge in ancient Israel who led the Israelites against the Philistines that rebelled against Delilah. For families who are religious, the name can be meaningful both definition-wise and spiritually speaking.


Elio is Spanish for “the sun” and traces its roots back to the ancient Roman name Aelius and the Greek sun-god Helios. Elio seems to be one of the up and coming baby names for boys. In addition to being more widely used in the U.S., we found out that Elio is also increasingly popular in France. 


Cyrus is Persian for “the sun” and is popular with middle eastern descent, as Cyrus the Great was who founded the Persian Empire in 550 BC. The name Cyrus has gained popularity in recent years and has been on the rise in the United States since the dawn of the 21st century. 


Eledoro’s roots can be traced back to Spain and Greece and mean “gift from the sun”. In Greece Eleodoro or Heliodoros is known as the sun god. Although this name isn’t the most popular name for a baby boy, you will love it for its uniqueness and distinct meaning.


Other than sounding cool, Blaze is Latin for “fire.” This name for boys has been increasing since the beginning of the 21st century and continues to gain popularity. The name is derived from French and Latin. 

Blaze is a well-known saint that is known as the saint of healing throat ailments. We even found out that Saint Blaze was actually known to cure a herd of cattle and other animals at one time! This unique name is sure to stand out and make a statement, and you will enjoy its distinctive nature.

Sunny Names for Girls 

These are some of the best girl names that mean sun. They emit strength, independence, and radiance, which is everything you want your little girls to be! 


The name Alina traces its roots to a Greek origin and means “light.” The name is also represented as “independent,” “strong,” and “ambitious.” This name is meant to give off the impression of positivity and brightness. We thought this one was worth mentioning, as its popularity has increased throughout the 21st century, especially in the United States.


Ellen, which means “sun ray or shining light” and traces its roots back to Greece, means “torch” in Greek. You can find many famous Ellens, such as Ellen Degeneres, in Hollywood making this one of the most well-known names for the sun. Although the name has significantly declined in popularity throughout the late 20th and early 21st century, you may still want to consider this beautiful name for your child.


Phoebe, meaning “bright and radiant,” is of Greek descent and is a biblical name in the new testament. We decided to include Phoebe in our list, as the name has seen an increase since the beginning of the 21st century, and its usage continues to increase. 


Lucy’s origins can be traced back to its Latin roots and means “light.” It is a variation of the Roman version of the name “Lucia”, and was a saint. Lucy gained popularity throughout the United Kingdom; however, the name later crossed the pond over to the United States. The name has gained popularity in the United States since the 1970s, and continues to be a top pick for many baby girls. 


Elaine means “shining light” and is actually the Scottish form of Helen. Elaine has been used in a variety of folklore, such as the story of Sir Lancelot falling in love with a woman named Elaine in the riveting Arthurian story. This name was prevalent in the 20th century; however, its popularity has decreased in recent years.


Helen means “sun ray” or “shining light” and has been one of the most popular girl names, dating back to ancient times. Helen was the goddess that was the center of the trojan war and has cemented its place in history as a name that emits strength, intelligence, and the unparalleled beauty that could start a war. 


The name Marisol often reminds you of the sun and summertime It’s no coincidence that this name rhymes with the word “parasol” and has the Latin root word sol (sun) in its spelling. The name is used in various cultures and is often recognized as one of Spain’s most common names. If your baby girl was born in the summertime, you should strongly consider Marisol.


Derived from the male Roman name Kyros, and derived by the Greek and Egyptian name Ka or “like the sun,” Kyra is a fairly popular name in the United States, although its use has declined in recent years. 


The names we mentioned in this list emit strength, courage, independence, and unshakable confidence. They are cemented in history as some of the most noteworthy names that ever existed. No matter what you decide to name your little bundle of joy, we know they will provide you with all the radiance of the sun!

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