How to Get Slime Out of Clothes

Slime is a well-loved product for people of all ages. Children especially love to play with slime, and as a result, you have probably had some slime-related incidents in your household.

Slime is all fun and games until you have to spend an entire afternoon trying to find ways to get it out of your clothes. While slime may be easy to distract your kids with, it is not always easy to remove. It’s up there with trying to untangle doll hair as one of my least favorite kids’ messes to clean up!

Luckily for you and many other parents, there are tried and true ways to remove slime from your clothes. Continue reading this article to learn how to get slime out of clothes!

What is Slime?

Slime is a toy geared toward children. It is similar to the putty toys that you may have played with as a child yourself. You might also remember your parents telling you to be very careful while you played with slime. The reason for that is that slime and putty(and any sticky substance) is a nightmare to get out of both clothes and carpets.

With the rise of the internet, many children are drawn to doing their DIY projects. Slime is hailed as a cult classic among DIY channels online, and kids get a lot of enjoyment out of making and playing with slime.

Unfortunately, slime is prone to get stuck on clothes. Fortunately, there are ways to remove slime from your clothes, as well as your children’s clothes.

How to Remove Slime

These methods for removing slime have been tested and approved by other stressed-out parents. You will want to make sure to take into consideration the fabric of your clothes before committing to one method. Some methods may cause further damage to your clothes, so read the labels on your clothing piece beforehand. 


Before choosing a method to remove slime, you will want to scrape any excess slime off of your clothes by hand first.

Removing the excess slime will help these treatments perform the best. But be careful that you are not too rough when scraping as you may damage the fabric of your clothes and ruin them. 

You can scrape slime by using a toothbrush or a scrubbing brush to wash dishes. Look for items that are coarse enough to remove slime but soft enough to leave your clothing intact.

The Ice Cube Method

One of the most straightforward tools to get rid of slime lies within your freezer. 

When attempting to get rid of slime, it is recommended that you first scrape the slime off of clothing. When you have scraped off as much as you can, freeze any remaining slime with an ice cube. Once the product is completely frozen, scrape away as much as possible from the fabric. 

Take care not to rip or use excessive force, as doing so can ruin your clothes. Once you have scraped away the excess slime, soak the article of clothing in liquid laundry detergent for 10 minutes. 

After the ten minutes are up, you can place the item in a large plastic container filled with hot water. Soak the fabric for at least a half-hour and then wash the clothing article as you would normally. Once you have cleaned the item, avoid using a dryer machine and air dry your clothing. 

The slime should now be gone, and you will have your clothes returned to normal!

The Vinegar Method

This method is easy if you happen to have white vinegar at your disposal. Like in the above example, scrape away whatever slime you can before treating the article of clothing with white vinegar.

Once you have scraped away the excess slime, soak the affected area with white vinegar. Let the white vinegar soak into the clothes for five minutes. Once you have done this, you can simply wash and dry your clothes as you usually would. 

Be careful not to soak the entirety of the article of clothing in white vinegar. Doing so can result in a lingering, unpleasant smell of white vinegar. If your clothes still smell like vinegar after the first wash, you may want to wash the item once more for good measure.

Acetone or Nail Polish Remover

As many kids will be quick to tell you, there are many ways to create slime. Some ingredients are more troublesome than others. One of the common ingredients used to create slime is glue.

The use of glue can bring up its own set of issues. Using Acetone(or nail polish remover)is one of the best methods for removing slime that features slime as one of its main ingredients.

To remove slime with Acetone, first, remove excess slime with a gentle brush. Once this has been done, you can gently dab the affected area with a cotton ball that has been soaked in Acetone.

The Acetone should start to dissolve the slime and help peel the slime away for your clothing article. After you have treated the affected area with your Acetone, you can wash the piece of clothing as you usually would.

One significant factor to keep in mind before choosing this method is that Acetone is likely to bleach your clothes. While this method is beneficial, be cautious when using Acetone on clothes that are not already white. 

How to Prevent Stains

While it is good to know how to remove stains, learning how to prevent stains from happening in the first place is also handy.

Buy Your Kids Play Clothes

Kids are lovably messy, so sometimes it can be downright impossible to stop them from making a mess. Investing in cheap clothes for your kids can prevent them from ruining their right clothes.

Create a Dedicated Slime Space

Dedicating an entire space for using slime can also prevent slime from getting stuck in the carpets. Line your table with layers of newspaper or paper towels and instruct your children not to leave the dedicated space.

Get in on the Fun!

Helping your children make slime is a great way of bonding, as well as a way of keeping an eye on them. You can supervise their playtime and get them excited to create crafts with their parents!

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