Quick and Easy Family Halloween Costume Ideas

I have a secret. I have always wanted to get my family to wear matching costumes. They don’t know it because I know they’d never say yes. That didn’t stop me from pulling together this list of family Halloween costume ideas to share with you.


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Now, as much as I love a good DIY project, these family costumes save you time because they’re all available at Target. My suggestion to make mama’s life easier this Halloween is that you opt for choosing your costume theme early and grabbing them quickly online. You can even ship them to the store and pick them up on your next Target run.

Of course, there are other themes available on the site, but here are some of my favorites to get you started.

Fun Family Costume Ideas

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Family Circus Costumes

I like all of these family themed costumes, but this circus one is one of my favorites (maybe it’s because my house often feels like a circus!). The only limitation is that you have to have a toddler for this one. I suppose you could also find separate animal costumes for older kids to make these family circus costumes work.

Family Oktoberfest Costumes

This is one that won’t likely be copied on the trick-or-treat route. If dad doesn’t mind being seen in lederhosen, this Oktoberfest costume collection is for you.

Jungle Animal Family Costumes

If your family is a bit wild, go for the Jungle animal costumes. This collection has a plus sized option for the lion suit and you could also mix in the lion costume from the circus collection above.

The Incredibles Family Costume Collection

This one is perfect for the superhero family. Although Mr. Incredible and Violet aren’t shown in the picture above, their costumes are available too.

Family Despicable Me Minions Costumes

We love Minions, so this costume set tops my list. There are a number of minion costume options at Target and they come in a variety of sizes. There’s even an inflatable costume, so you’ve got a lot to work with on this one.

Crayola Crayon Family Costumes

I think the crayon costume is also a fun costume for teachers. It’s another favorite, but there aren’t very many size and color options available. I’d suggest ordering soon if you want this one.

Llama Mommy and Me Costumes

This cute set is one of a few mommy and me costumes available (one other cool one is the unicorn set). There’s a plus sized option and it comes in the most adorable 4-legged toddler rider costume as well. #adorable

Food Costumes for the Family

This is actually a costume set my family might have let me get away with. There are so many options to choose from in this collection. You could be a hot dog, milk carton, pizza, hamburger or taco while the kids could choose a milk shake, cookie or one of three different donuts. This collection also has coordinating pet costumes to choose from and I especially like the peanut butter and jelly combo costume.

Skeleton Family Costumes

And, for you traditionalists, there’s a set of skeleton costumes for the family. This is another one that only comes in adult and toddler sizes.

All of these collections are sold as individual costumes. To save a little cash, check below for current Target sales. You can also earn cash back with ebates AND you can earn cash back plus give to your favorite charity when you shop through Gumdrop. Enjoy!

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Family Halloween Costume Sets

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