Easy, Inexpensive DIY Party Photo Booth

TheMamaZone.com: Try this easy, inexpensive DIY photo booth at your next party.

Nothing amps up the fun at a party like a photo booth. So, when I was planning my birthday extravaganza, a DIY photo booth was at the top of the list.

Of course, I headed to Pinterest where I found a lot of ideas but nothing that especially called out to me. So, I headed to the drawing board and created my own inexpensive, easy-to-make, just-had-to-share party photo booth. Here are the details along with the adaptations…

Create Your Own Photo Booth!

DIY Photo Booth Supplies

  • Plastic Tablecloth ($3 because gold was hard to find!)
  • Cardboard (free)
  • Fishing Wire ($4)
  • Bulletin Board Letters ($6.49–I used to be a teacher, remember?!)
  • Glue
  • Large Bottle of Glitter ($3)
  • Backdrop or Wrapping Paper (The vinyl backdrop I used is $38.99 at The Backdrop Shop)
  • Washi Tape
  • Packaging Tape and/or Stapler, Thumbtacks

Here are a few things to note about the supplies: I had most of this on hand, so when I say this project is inexpensive, it’s because all I purchased was the tablecloth and glitter. You can save big by using cheap wrapping paper or a piece of fabric you have laying around (maybe a folded bed sheet?). You can also buy sparkle bulletin board letters for $5.99 and eliminate the need for the glue and glitter.

Instructions for Creating a DIY Photo Booth

TheMamaZone.com: Try this DIY photo booth made with a table cloth!

  1. Glitter your letters. If you can’t find sparkly letters, paint each letter with glue and shake glitter to cover completely. Let them dry.
  2. Hang your backdrop. Mine is a 4’x4′ vinyl one I purchased, but you can use wrapping paper, fabric or even just the blank wall if your paint is pretty enough.
  3. Cut your “curtains.” Cut a plastic table cloth to your desired length and width. I folded and cut on the creases to make it easier but jagged edges won’t matter. Each curtain was about 1½’ wide and just over 4′ long. If the creases in the tablecloth bother you, try a vinyl one or fabric remnants–it’s incredibly hard to get those creases out of plastic tablecloths!
  4. Hang your “curtains.” Tape the width of each curtain just above the top of your backdrop. Fold the outer edge in and secure the underside with tape. Fold the inner edge in to create the swag effect. Make a “tie back” with clear tape and cover with Washi tape (I used gold to match).
  5. Create your cardboard cornice. Decide how high you want your cornice. I think mine was about 3″. This doesn’t need to be pretty (see mine!).
    1. Cut enough cardboard to cover the length of your backdrop. I had to use three pieces to get it done because I didn’t have a box big enough.
    2. Create two corner pieces. I wanted my cornice to protrude about 4″ off the wall, so I cut two pieces that were approximately 3″ high and 6″ long. Fold each corner piece at the 4″ mark to create a double L shape.
    3. Staple the long cardboard piece to the 2″ front of the corner pieces and secure your cornice to the wall. I used 3M CommandStrips. You can use thumbtacks as well.
    4. Create another piece similar to the corner pieces and use it as a brace in the center of your cornice.

DIY Cardboard Cornice

  1. Cover the cornice. Fold a piece of your remaining table cloth and cover your cardboard cornice. Folding will give you a straight edge on the bottom front.
  2. Tape your letters to fishing wire. Measure your fishing wire so that it drapes nicely from your cornice. It’s better to cut more than you need and then cut the excess once you’re done. Tape the back of each letter to the fishing wire.
  3. Secure your fishing wire to the inside of your cornice.
  4. Add props and friends, then enjoy!

TheMamaZone.com: Make your own photo booth with bulletin board letters, plastic tablecloth, cardboard and wrapping paper.

I’d love to see your booth when it’s done! Tweet @anitra or tag me @ZoneMom on Instagram. Enjoy…


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