Do Men Go to Baby Showers? Exploring the Role of Male Guests in Celebrating New Parenthood

As we move away from strict gender roles, it’s natural to wonder if men are now allowed to attend baby showers. Traditionally, baby showers have been women-only affairs, but times are changing. If you’re planning or hosting a baby shower, you may have questions about whether fathers can attend, what guys do during a baby shower, and whether you should put them on the guest list.

In this article, we aim to provide clarity on these issues and more. We’ll explore the evolving etiquette around baby showers and answer common questions you may have. So, let’s dive in and find out if men go to baby showers!

Can Baby Showers Be Co-ed?

Yes, co-ed baby showers are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of being limited to women-only events, men are now invited to be part of the festivities. This is a special occasion for both the mommy-to-be and the daddy-to-be, and they both get to share it with their loved ones. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the new baby together. Co-ed baby showers also allow for a wider range of activities and games that can be enjoyed by all guests, regardless of gender. Overall, co-ed baby showers are a fun and inclusive way to celebrate the new addition to the family.

Why Do Men Go To Baby Showers?

Daddy Gets Involved From the Get-Go

In the past, fathers were not involved in baby showers. However, in modern times, men are more involved in parenting and family life. Having the father attend the baby shower helps him become more involved in the pregnancy and parenting process, even before fatherhood begins. It also allows him to bond with other fathers and gain knowledge about parenting from other experienced fathers.

More Love to Go Around

Baby showers are a celebration of the upcoming birth of a child. Allowing men to attend the baby shower creates a warmer, more loving atmosphere. It allows everyone to show their love and excitement for the joyous new arrival. Including men in the baby shower also provides an opportunity for the expecting mother to introduce her partner to her friends and family, and for him to feel included in the pregnancy and parenting process.

Overall, including men in baby showers is becoming more common as gender roles continue to evolve. It provides a way for fathers to be involved from the beginning and creates a more inclusive and loving environment for everyone involved.

Why Are Dads Left Out Of Baby Showers?

Women Intimate Discussions

During baby showers, women tend to have intimate discussions about childbirth, which may involve intricate details about unmentionables. It is understandable that some men may find it uncomfortable being there since they may not be used to such discussions. Moreover, childbirth comes with a lot of anxiety, and to help the new mother cope, other moms will sometimes discuss their own birth stories, in detail too, which might be too much for some men. This is why dads are often left out of baby showers, as it is a women-only event where they can be open and honest with each other without feeling uncomfortable.

If Invited, Do Guys Attend Baby Showers?

When it comes to inviting men to a baby shower, it’s not uncommon to have mixed feelings. While some men are happy to attend, others may not feel comfortable with the idea. To avoid wasting invitations, we suggest doing a combined Mr. and Mrs. invite. This way, you can invite both parents and their friends and family, and everyone can celebrate together. It’s important to consider how well you know the men you’re inviting and whether they would be interested in attending. Ultimately, the decision is yours, and you should do what feels right for you and the parents-to-be.

What Do Guys Do At Baby Showers?

At a baby shower, guys can participate in the usual activities, such as playing fun games like the off to the hospital rush race or couples changing a diaper while holding hands. Additionally, they can give gifts just like everyone else.

Since co-ed baby showers are relatively new, hosts need to consider appropriate activities for both genders. Most baby shower ideas are typically geared towards women only activities, so it’s important to switch things up and have activities that cater to both genders. There are no limits to the activities that can be done to keep everyone happy.

What’s the Best Theme for a Co-ed Party?

When it comes to co-ed baby showers, there is no one-size-fits-all theme. You can choose any theme that you like, whether it’s gender-neutral or not. However, if you’re worried about excluding anyone, it’s best to stick to gender-neutral party themes and shades. This way, everyone can feel included and have fun.

You can also get creative with your party location. Instead of a traditional indoor party, you can opt for a casual backyard barbecue or picnic. This is a great way to get both moms and dads involved in the celebration.

When it comes to invitations, keep it simple and gender-neutral. You don’t need to go all out with elaborate designs or gender-specific colors. A simple and straightforward invite will do.

Party favors are another area where you can get creative. Consider choosing favors that will appeal to both men and women, such as mini liquor bottles or personalized coasters.

Overall, the best theme for a co-ed party is one that is inclusive and fun for everyone. So, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box!

What Should Guys Bring To A Baby Shower?

As guys attending a baby shower, it can be challenging to know what to bring as a gift. Unlike women, we may not be familiar with the kind of gifts that will help the mom and baby. However, there are many gift options for dads, like sports team diaper bags or coffee hampers.

To avoid getting a room full of comics or toys at the baby shower, it would help to have a gift registry. This way, we can ensure that the gifts we bring are useful and practical. Additionally, we can also bring gifts for the dad-to-be, so it won’t be a mommy fest when the presents are opened.

It’s also worth noting that we can have a different registry for the male guest list. This way, we can bring gifts that are more tailored to our interests and preferences. Overall, it’s essential to put some thought and effort into the gifts we bring to the baby shower to ensure they are appreciated and useful.

What Should We Serve at a Co-ed Baby Shower?

When it comes to food and drinks, there are no hard and fast rules for a co-ed baby shower. You can serve the same traditional food and drinks that you would find at any other baby shower. However, it is always a good idea to have hearty food on the table as well since it is more welcoming for the guys. Finger foods are an excellent option as they are easy to grab and eat. Additionally, you can try serving tried and true recipes to ensure that guests enjoy the food.

Dad Baby Shower

As an alternative to having a combined shower for both parents, a separate shower can be thrown for the dad-to-be and his male friends and family. This allows the father-to-be to receive support from other men and share their own experiences of becoming a dad.

Men may not enjoy the typical baby shower activities, so a separate shower allows them to celebrate in a more masculine way. This can help the dad-to-be process any anxieties he may have about becoming a father.

Diaper Party

At a diaper party, the men get together in a separate room while the baby shower is happening. They can watch sports, drink, and hang out. This is a great way to celebrate the new journey of fatherhood.

To Sum It Up

In conclusion, whether men attend baby showers or not is entirely dependent on the preferences of the parents-to-be. While it used to be a tradition for only women to attend baby showers, times are changing, and more and more men are attending these events. Ultimately, it’s up to the hosts to indicate whether the shower is co-ed or address the invitation to both male and female members of a household. As parenting attitudes shift, many baby showers are now open for men to attend as well, making it a fun-filled day for both parents-to-be.

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