Best Bubble Machines for Little Ones

What’s more adorable than watching a rugrat marvel at the sight of cascading bubbles? I’ll tell you. It’s a mom watching that rugrat. And I can up the ante on the bubble scenario. 

Best Overall
Kidzlane Bubble Maker Machine for Kids - Big Bubbles Speed Blower for Toddler's Outdoor Party Play - Makes 500 to 1000 per Minute (Bubble Dolphin)
Kidzlane Bubble Machine
Best Overall
Kidzlane Bubble Maker Machine for Kids - Big Bubbles Speed Blower for Toddler's Outdoor Party Play - Makes 500 to 1000 per Minute (Bubble Dolphin)
Kidzlane Bubble Machine

I started with traditional wand-blowing bubbles. The tradition is a ton of fun, but let’s face it, an automatic bubble machine is a much-appreciated upgrade. That’s why I’m a big advocate for the best bubble machines for little ones. 

Mama’s Choice: Kidzlane Bubble Machine

Its kid-friendly dolphin design makes it perfect not just for kids of appropriate age, but it’s a perfect choice for either a boy or girl. It makes for Mama’s Choice because I’ve yet to see a kid that wasn’t delighted with it.

Kidzlane Bubble Machine
Your little ones will never get enough of the Kidzlane Bubble Machine. Safe indoor and outdoor fun for everyone.

What I Love

  • Bright and fun design will impress all the little ones
  • Spits out 500 bubbles per minute
  • Quiet, powerful motor and 10 spinning wands
  • Perfect for playdates, parties, baby showers, and weddings

The Kidzlane Bubble Machine whips through 500 bubbles per minute and comes with ten spinning wands. There’s a no-tip stable base that prevents mishaps during play. Its’ fan operates quietly. 

Unlike a lot of similar products made rather cheaply, this bubble machine is pretty darn sturdy. This is probably why you’re going to find it’s a tad expensive. But let me assure you, it’s worth every penny. Most bubble machines die after a few uses.

The Kidzlane is perfect for outdoor fun during events, especially birthday parties.

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Best Portable: Windrio Bubble Machine

I have to be honest with you. One of my gal-friends showed up at a birthday party last year with the Windrio Bubble Machine and the kids had to make room for the teenagers and, pitifully, the parents. 

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What I Love

  • Touch screen makes for simple operation
  • Can shoot bubbles over 800 square feet
  • Wide-angle launching
  • Has a half-liter reservoir

When I went looking for a machine, I looked up this one. Still went with the Kidzlane because, well, I was buying it for the little ones, not me. This was probably the most powerful and entertaining bubble machine I encountered.

This puppy pumps out 3,000 bubbles a minute. Using the oscillating function, you can cover an amazing 800 square feet. Your little ones will run around like crazy!

The Windrio Bubble Machine is a world of fun for the little ones and the teenagers, the adults, and the pets.

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Best Toddler’s: LOYO Bubble Machine

Now, if you want to talk about the best bubble machines for little ones, I’d be remiss not to include this baby. The LOYO Bubble Machine is suitable for kiddies one year and older. 

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What I Love

  • High quality and durable bubble blower 
  • Can fill a room with bubbles in no time
  • Weighs less than 10 pounds
  • Easy design for the little ones

This interactive toy is lightweight. Little ones can easily carry the LOYO. Plus, it shoots over 1,000 bubbles a minute of all different sizes with eight spinning bubble wands. 

It comes with two bottles of solution and a small Phillips head screwdriver for installing four AA batteries (not included). There’s a simple OFF and ON switch that even a toddler will be able to operate.

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How To Choose the Best Bubble Machines

A bubble machine is going to bring plenty of joy, but like anything you put in the hands of your little ones, you want a solution that’s safe and appropriate. All bubble machines are ready to delight, but you don’t want to hand one over to any child. Here’s how to choose the best bubble machines.

One of the key benefits to consider is will the bubble machine capture the imagination. You may have to spend a little more to get that Kidzlane, but it’s a better quality machine and has a unique look the kids will love. And different kids have different imaginations. Fish or princess, try and find a product that catches your kid’s eye from the moment they see the box.

If the bubble machine comes with a wand, be sure it’s not a size little ones may choke on. And ALWAYS use a child-friendly, non-toxic mixture. This is imperative as smaller kids put things in their mouths. Tear-free formulations might be a good idea as well. 

Some moms dilute the solution with a little water. You can do this without weakening the mixture. Others make their own with one cup of water, a tablespoon of glycerin, and one-quarter cup biodegradable, natural dish detergent.

And please, try to avoid turning bubble play into ‘mommy’ time. I learned early how much fun kids can have and how much they’ll remember you were a part of it. Teach them to blow and develop jaw and mouth muscles. Show them different ways to pop bubbles, two hands, finger, foot, whole hand, showing them learn physical coordination, the building blocks for throwing, catching, and other natural skills.

3 Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Bubble Machine

Here are things to keep in mind before purchasing a bubble machine.

  1. Get an age-appropriate product. The design of the machines isn’t just for fun. They can help with motor functions like dexterity and balance.
  2. Younger tots might appreciate a little color and design. Bright bubble machine designs of animals or lawnmowers will attract the kids.
  3. Make sure you know if the device is specifically an indoor or outdoor solution. Most are both.

Other Bubble Machines You May Consider

Like I said, all our little ones are unique. The best bubble machines for little ones I picked just may not meet your standards. In that case, here a few bubble machines that might make the grade.

TOLOCO Automatic Blower Portable Bubble Maker

The TOLOCO Auto Blower is a little heavy on batteries and gets its support via USB as a power source, but on its highest setting, it’ll pump out thousands of bubbles in a single minute for up to 30 minutes. 

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What I Love

  • Nice reservoir for storing bubble solution
  • Has eight bubble wands
  • Carry handle makes for easy transport

What’s Meh

  • Plain design; better for older kids
  • Wands can’t reach the solution in the bottom

I’ve seen this bubble machine used to create ambiance at weddings, 70s throwback parties, and, once, for a romantic dinner. But, uh, of course, it’s for the little ones, right?

The TOLOCO Auto Blower is for the kid that bubbles to the max!

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Fansteck Portable Bubble Machine

The Fansteck Portable Bubble Machine comes with two blowing wands, a screwdriver, and three bottles of bubble solution. It’s lightweight and the little ones will love dancing around with it. 

Fansteck Bubble Machine
The Fansteck bubble machine come with three bottles of; bubble solutions, two wands and tons of fun.

What I Love

  • Nice output of 800 bubbles per minute, perfect for younger kiddies
  • Lightweight and small, making for easy transport 
  • Comes with three bottles and two blowing bars

What’s Meh

  • Unfortunately, with its battery compartment at the bottom of the device, bubble solution can leak and damage the toy

The Fansteck has a delightful and funny football shape. Kids will love how easy it is to make wonderful bubbles. Use it for Christmas, birthday parties, barbecues, and even weddings.

For its durability and affordability, this one to be one of the best outdoor bubble machines. 

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Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine

You’ll be blowing a bubble storm in seconds. The Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane is simple to use. Pour the solution into the reservoir, hit the button, and watch ten bubble wands strut their stuff. 

Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine
You will be absolutely shocked at how many bubbles this tiny little machine produce.

What I Love

  • Nicely priced considering its potential
  • While it has a comparatively low output, the machine feels like it’s busting a gazillion bubbles
  • It works great in a variety of celebrations

What’s Meh

  • It uses a lot of bubble solution quickly
  • Replacing bubble solution can be hard

For hours of fun and play, you won’t find a better or more affordable machine than the Gazillion. At 500 bubbles per minute, it doesn’t have the display of other devices but the wee ones won’t notice.

Once you and the kids experience the Gazillion Hurricane Machine, you’re going to hours and days of activity. This bubble machine offers a nice return on the investment. 

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Bubbletastic Bacon Blower

If you have a dog, then the Bubbletastic Bacon Blower is the best bubble machine for little ones. Believe it or don’t, this one blows bubbles that are bacon-scented! 

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What I Love

  • Non-toxic solution safe for kids and pets
  • Comes packaged with four eight-ounce bubble bottles
  • A great time at the dog park

What’s Meh

  • Pricey
  • Best outdoors as the device leaves a sticky residue

I personally don’t know why anyone would do this (bacon bubbles?) but I can’t deny this video makes me wish I had a pooch.

Dogs do love bubbles (and bacon!) and they’re going to go manic leaping around with the kids.

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WisToyz Dino

This one’s just fun to watch. The WisToyz Dino is available in two colors and it’s robotic. Fill it up, turn it on, and watch the bubble machine roll around. 

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What I Love

  • Dancing, music playing, eye flashing, robotic dino bubble maker (do you really need more?)
  • Leakage free, large capacity reservoir
  • Both a bubble maker and robotic toy

What’s Meh

  • This is a delicate device and aggressive kids may need monitoring

The dino’s mouth blows a stream of kiddy delights. And anytime it runs into something it turns around and keeps on ticking.

The WisToyz Dino has a unique design, lots of features, and really turns bubble play into a party.

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Closing Thoughts

With so many options in the market and so many of them really cheaply made, promising only short-term fun, we think this list of the best bubble machines for little ones gives all moms a great place to start. There’s a product that’ll fit any budget and spark child wonder.

MOM TIP: Just for fun, after turning the bubble machine on, give the little one a fly swatter or other safe implement. You think they’re cute watching bubbles? Get ready to shoot a lot of social media videos.

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