12 Days of Romance Scavenger Hunt

Some couples are fine with the typical dinner and movie date, but dates can always be a little more playful. By playful, we mean playing actual games — like a scavenger hunt, for example. We’re going to look at twelve different scavenger hunt-style games that you and your significant other can enjoy, whether for Valentine’s Day, your next date night, or just whenever you feel like it.

Each day can be about a different aspect of your relationship: food, fun, family, nostalgia, but most of all, love. The number of prizes, where you and your S.O. will go, who you get involved in the hunt, etc., is up to you. As long as you two have a good time and maybe learn a thing or two along the way, that’s what matters most. Let’s get started with this romantic scavenger hunt.

Day 1: Breakfast for Two

Let’s make getting ready for the day a little bit easier. Leave a clue where your S.O. will find it best, describing the outfit to wear for the day. They’ll find the outfit in the closet, all set to go. In the closet, they’ll also see a clue directing them out to the kitchen, where you, and their favorite breakfast, will be ready for them to enjoy. You can hint at it or you can openly entice them with just breakfast, but either way, it’ll be a sweet morning surprise.

Day 2: Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Leave a series of clues for your S.O. that will take them all over your neighborhood. You can leave clues at different sites, such as under various trees or by the communal pool. Each clue can include another gift, like a flower or a sweet favor that your S.O. can easily carry. Make sure you get your neighbors’ permission to leave various clues or items on their property.

If your neighborhood has many winding streets, challenge your S.O. to solve the hunt without using a map or tracking app.

Day 3: Make some Furry Friends

If you and your S.O. love animals, you might have new friends by the end of this one. Leave clues that will take your S.O. to different pet stores or animal shelters, where they can meet as many animals as they wish. If you already have a pet, leave some clues that will take them and your furry friend around your town, where they and your pet will find gifts or treats at each turn.

Similarly, you can make a scavenger hunt around the local zoo. If your zoo has special events or shows happening that day, make sure your clues don’t leave those out!

Day 4: Puzzle It Out

The only way your partner can get the clues to this hunt is to put together puzzles. Beforehand, put the puzzles together, write your clues on the back (or the front), and then put them back into the boxes. The puzzles should be easy so that your partner does not get bored or tired; they need energy for the hunt itself.

You can also challenge yourself to find puzzles that fit a particular theme or piece count.

Day 5: Movie Day

Think about you and your S.O.’s favorite films, and see if you can create clues to the next movie you’ll watch. For instance, two of those movies could be The Princess Bride and Mad Max. You could first watch The Princess Bride, two clues being “What emotion does Prince Humperdinck show when Buttercup stands up to him?” and “What is the name of the miracle man who heals Westley?” The answers to those clues, “Mad” and “Max,” create the movie title Mad Max.

You can also watch just one film, and compete to see who can find a certain number of goofs or Easter eggs within the film. It’ll force you to pay attention to the film and have a friendly competition along the way.

There might even be a scavenger hunt to find the right snacks: whether you already have them or need to shop for them.

Day 6: Family Reunion — Sort Of

Make sure your phone is charged for this one because you’ll be making lots of calls. You’ll only get the clues to this scavenger hunt by calling family members or friends. The clues and answers will be all about your S.O. and can be easy or hard. Reaching out to these folks for clues might not be “romantic,” but you’ll be able to relive your S.O.’s best memories or silliest moments as their fondest friends and family members have experienced them.

You might even hear some funny new stories that you and your S.O. can share.

Day 7: Picnic

Don’t worry: Even if the weather is not the greatest, this romantic scavenger hunt will still have delicious results. The clues to this hunt will involve collecting various picnic items, such as a basket, a blanket, and certain food items. With these items, you can either recreate a nostalgic picnic date, or you and your S.O. can try the scene out for the first time. You can have the picnic on your living room rug or a blanket in the sun — as long as you don’t eat at the table.

Day 8: Dinner and a Movie (Movie and a Dinner)

Time to turn a cliche date idea onto its head. Lead your S.O. to a specific restaurant and a particular movie theater using a series of clues. Spice things up by going to a restaurant you’ve never tried before and a movie you are curious to see. The key is not to be too obvious!

Note: Try seeing the movie before dinner. That way, you can indulge in yummy food while (hopefully) also talking about a fun movie. 

Day 9: Hand-Picked For You

Put your family and friends’ skills to the test and ask them to create a scavenger hunt for you and your S.O. Each set of parents or siblings can contribute one clue or challenge, and so can each partner’s best friend. It might take a little more coordination, but you and your S.O. can rely on each other to solve each challenge, and your prize is more time spent with each other.

You can also take pictures of the places you go and the things you do and create a mini photo album. Rather than using your phone, however, you can use a polaroid camera to print photos immediately for a more charming effect.

Day 10: The Good Ole Days

Time to take a trip down memory lane. Make a list of ten of your favorite nostalgic items, like a specific VHS tape or a CD you might have given away. You can also include clothing items from your childhood. Then, you and your S.O. can go looking in your favorite thrift or antique stores to see if those items are still there. 

Whoever finds the most items gets a nostalgic prize, like their favorite childhood candy. The loser, however, gets to pick a nostalgic restaurant to go out to for dinner.

This is a great time to reminisce on past vacations. Family trips to Baton Rouge have always held a special place in my heart, and I love looking back on all of the activities we’ve enjoyed there.

Day 11: Take a Look in a Book

The challenge of this one might just be trying to stay quiet in a library. You can lead your S.O. to different books that contain sweet notes or poetry. If they have any favorites, you can direct them there, with a note or clue inside.

The clues themselves can be individual, or they can lead up to a greater prize or meaning. You might be limited to what gifts or favors you can leave, so a great ending to the hunt might be optimal.

If religion is a focus for you, you can’t go wrong with The Good Book. My husband and I enjoy sharing meaningful bible verses with each other that help us express our emotions.

Day 12: Recreate the Date

A little nostalgia goes a long way, especially when recreating the first date. The clues you leave can direct your S.O. to wear the same outfit they wore for that date, and take them to the same places you visited together. It can all culminate in a new adventure after dinner or dessert or finishing the night privately at home.

Keep in mind that you can do these activities in any order you choose. You don’t even have to follow the rules proposed in this list; you can bend them to fit you and your S.O.’s tastes. Whatever you do, have a wonderful time with your romantic scavenger hunt and make memories together!

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