Free Rabbit Ear Template

If you’re up to your ears in bunnies as you prepare for Easter, I have another set of fun free printables for you and your little ones to enjoy! This time we have a couple of cute bunny ear templates that will make a quick and easy Easter craft for your kids. Here’s my little rabbit modeling a pair of the regular bunny ears (scroll down to grab the floppy ones):

The MamaZone: Free Printable Bunny Ear Template

These rabbit ear printables are super easy to use.

  1. Click on the bunny ears you prefer and they’ll open in another window.
  2. SET YOUR PRINTER TO LANDSCAPE mode. If you use portrait, the ears will be too small.
  3. Print out on card stock for best results.
  4. Color or paint.
  5. Cut on the grey lines (the two long grey lines on the side will create your head band).
  6. Tape the two bands end to end to fit your bunny’s head.
  7. Tape or glue your ears to the front of the band.

Straight Bunny Ears

The MamaZone: Rabbit Ear Printable

Floppy Bunny Ears

The MamaZone: Floppy Rabbit Ear Pattern;

Update: If you like these Rabbit Ear Printables, grab the FREE Rabbit Mask Printable, too!

This printable had us all singing one of our favorite silly songs, “I Think I’m a Bunny,” so I had to include the video…

Feel free to pin and share! I’d LOVE to see what you and your little bunny create, so send me an email with a picture or leave a comment with a link to your picture. I’d be happy to add it to our Easter T.I.D.B.I.T.S pin board on Pinterest! Don’t miss my last minute Easter ideas! Enjoy…

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