Free Mickey Mouse Ears Template

Here’s another quick and easy craft idea for you if you’re planning a Mickey Mouse themed party any time soon. Read on for instructions to help you make your own Mickey Mouse ears and download my printable Mickey Mouse Ear Template for free!

The MamaZone: Free Printable Mickey Mouse Ear Template
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The MamaZone: Free Printable Mickey Mouse Ear Template Craft

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While we were planning our Disney Side at Home party, I went on a Pinterest hunt for DIY Mickey Mouse ears. And, while I found a number of easy Mickey ear crafts, most of them required a headband. That was a big no-no since there were “big” little boys coming to the party. So I created this Mickey Mouse Ear template that’s extremely easy to make with paper and pipe cleaners.

Instructions for Using Our Mickey Mouse Ears Template


  • 1 piece of card stock for the template
  • black card stock (enough for each party goer)
  • a light-colored color pencil for tracing
  • scissors
  • single hole-punch
  • pipe cleaners, string or fishing wire

The MamaZone: Printable DIY Mickey Mouse Ear Template


  1. Click here to open the printable Mickey Mouse Ear Template (it will open in a new window). Be sure to grab new printer ink if you need it.
  2. Set your printer to print in Landscape mode and print the template onto light or white card stock.
  3. Cut the template out and use a white or light colored pencil to trace onto a piece of black card stock. (I found the black card stock at Walmart.)
  4. Cut on your traced lines and let the kids decorate them!
  5. Strap the ears on:

–We used pipe cleaners to attach our ears. Punch holes on the bottom of each side of the band, stick the pipe cleaner in from behind and fold and twist to secure. Then fit the ears on and twist the pipe cleaners in the back to secure them.

–You can also tape or glue string or fishing wire to the bottom of each side of the band. Then fit the ears on and tie in the back to secure them.

Simply repeat the steps for each set of ears you need to make. Be sure to let me know how it works out (and I’d love to see pictures!). Be sure to share!!

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    That’s quick & easy and looks like they were a big hit at the party.
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