Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Roundup

Choosing the right Valentine’s Day gift for each member of your family can be difficult. You want to show them how much you care about them without going too overboard or coming off too cheesy. Sometimes one incredible and well-thought-out gift is better, while other times, you’ll want to shower them with many small gifts in a basket.

I’ve put together a variety of different gifts for different tastes and categorized them according to who they’re for. Whether you have a spouse who doesn’t want more “stuff” or have a kid who loves toy boxes more than the toy itself – here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make your shopping just a bit simpler this year. 

For Him

Buying the right gift for your man is hard. Balancing a gift budget while making sure its meaningful means having to find just the right gift for Valentine’s Day. Of course, depending on how long you’ve been together, you might not be ready to splurge on that 600 dollar watch he’s been talking about. 

So, here are our top picks for the best gift for your man on Valentine’s Day:

Mount Everest Whiskey Glasses

These bold glasses have an actual 3D model of Mount Everest molded into the bottom. If your man likes the outdoors – but also a strong drink – this could be a great choice. 

These whiskey glasses are hand-blown, making each one just a tiny bit different, creating one-of-a-kind art. The glass itself is 100% lead-free while remaining ultra-clear so that he can enjoy his scotch or bourbon without a care in the world. 

Weighing only 8.5-ounces, the light feeling in his hand gives an air of luxury without being too delicate. This pair of glasses comes in a manly display box, so consider pairing it with his favorite whiskey, and you’re all set to wow him come February 14th. 

Everest Whiskey Glasses
These stunning whiskey glasses model Mount Everest in their base, giving the drinker a sense of ambition and awe as they sip. This set of two is the perfect addition to your home bar.

Baratza Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder

So, your man has been working hard, but he’s still drinking pre-ground coffee? Well, consider stepping up his coffee game with an incredible new grinder. 

The Baratza Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder has:

  • 40 grind settings
  • 40mm commercial-grade conical burrs
  • A powerful DC motor
  • 40-second digital timer
  • LED-backlit grounds bin
  • 1 year warranty

Simplicity is paired with forward-thinking technology and the world-class support of Baratza in this coffee grinder. Manufactured in Liechtenstein, Europe, you can be confident you’re getting your man a solid gift that will serve him for years to come. 

Baratza Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder
The World-Class Baratza Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder has every detail and accessory to give your man the perfect cup of coffee every time. The sleek style is both modern and manly.

Naturenics Beard Grooming Kit

If your man takes pride in his appearance, give him a boost with this 100% organic beard grooming kit. Naturenics is committed to natural products that give real results, meaning a hydrated, full, and soft beard all day long.

This grooming kit comes with beard balm, a double-sided wood comb, beard oil, beard scissors, a horse-hair brush, and a handcrafted bamboo box to store it all in. Thankfully, all of these products are unscented, instead of allowing the focus to be the smooth and soft appearance that they bring. 

This beard kit will help the beard grow full, be easier to style and keep the skin underneath nourished and calm. So, while this is a gift for him, you might enjoy the results from it too. 

Naturenics Beard Grooming Kit
This 7-piece kit gives premium, 100% organic options for your man to groom his beard. Crafted from only the finest ingredients, he will have a fuller and smoother beard in no time.

For Her

Choosing the right gift for your lady can be tricky. So often, she buys the things she wants or needs for herself. So, what is left for V-Day? Well, here are my best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the woman in your life:

Quility Adult Weighted Blanket

There is nothing cozier than a soft blanket – except for a soft weighted blanket. This 15-pound blanket is filled with millions of micro glass beads, providing both temperature control and a cozy hug. 

The blanket has a washable, dual-sided duvet cover that adds extra warmth on cold nights. The outer layer is 100% cotton and smooth to the touch. Coming in six different color options, there is one that will be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. 

Quility Weighted Blanket
This weighted blanket brings support and comfort to its user with premium glass micro-beads and a washable cover. Snuggle up under this for a spectacular Valentine’s Day

Kindle Paperwhite

When a mom is always on the go, she often gets sucked into just scrolling her Instagram feed instead of choosing something a little more nourishing for her soul. With a Kindle Paperwhite, she can have incredible books in her purse or diaper bag all the time. This newest version of Kindle is also waterproof – so it can stand up to the craziness of kids.

Available in four colors, the Kindle Paperwhite reads just like real paper, even in direct sunlight. Whether she chooses to read at the pool or in the bath, this is truly an incredible gift if your lady likes to read. 

Coming in 8 or 32 GB and with audible and Bluetooth connections, it’s easy to stay connected with the Kindle Paperwhite. 

Kindle Paperwhite
The new Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof and has an immense amount of storage. This will keep a mom on the go with the latest books at the touch of a finger.

For The Little Ones

Although you may wish you could just snuggle your little one all day on Valentine’s Day, most kids won’t last too long. Kids are always on the go, and something to keep them entertained, not just for one day, is the best gift you can give. Here are my top picks:

PicassoTiles Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic building tiles allow kids, from 12 months to 10 years old, to create incredible towers and beautiful designs all on their own. These tiles are particularly great for making castles, although kids can make spaceships from them too!

With 60 tiles, there is enough to go around. So, more than just one of your little can play with this toy. The sibling bonding they get out of it is an added bonus. 

PicassoTiles Magnetic Blocks
With 60 magnetic pieces, kids can build masterpieces - from castles to cats - for hours on end. You’ll be giving a gift, but also getting one too.

Llama Llama I Love You Book

Helping kids understand Valentine’s Day is part of parenting, and this book is an incredible way to do it! Llama Llama I Love You by Anna Dewdney is a cute and simple book to pop in a basket for your little on Valentine’s Day. 

With simple words and rhyming phrases, they’ll soon be reading it with you. The small size and thick, cardboard pages are durable to keep the book in the family for years. 

Llama Llama I Love You
This short and sweet children’s book introduces them to this delightful holiday. Sturdy pages will keep a favorite for years to come.

Figuring Out the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Family

Every person receives love differently, but the joy from getting a gift is almost universal. Whether you choose a short and sweet children’s book for your little or splurge on a Kindle Paperwhite, hopefully, one of these gifts is the perfect way to tell your person that you love them. 

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