Thoughts on Motherhood From an Old Mom

Happy Mother’s Day, mamas! I hope you have an amazing day with the folks you love. This week’s “What Mama Learned”  is getting an upgrade, as I share this timely post from my friend, Chanell Costa. Enjoy it and look for more posts from her soon.

The MamaZone - Thoughts on Motherhood from an OLD Mom!

Thoughts From an Old Mom on Mother’s Day (Ok, it’s a rant!)

I’m an old mom. “What does that mean,” you ask? Well, I found out I was pregnant with my youngest child on my 41st birthday! He is now 9. You can do the math.

I’m also a young mom. My oldest is 31, plus I still like to dance, watch movies, roller skate and do whatever I can to keep up with everyone else who seems to be having fun. Until I’m tired…

…and then I want to put on my PJs and drink a cup of coffee on my couch, as comfortably as I can without spilling my cup of joy.

So what does all this mean? I don’t know. I guess it depends on which kids I’m with and what we’re doing at the time. For instance, at the ballpark with my little guys, I’m the old mom. At my oldest son’s concerts, I’m the young mom. It’s all a matter of perspective and which group of people I’m with at the time. I rarely ever just fit in. But that’s not a bad thing. In today’s culture, it seems that fitting in has more to do with who has lost the most sleep and how miserable everyone is than the pure fact that you are a mom.

Point blank–I have been through all the experiences from puke to pee, sleepless nights, teething, potty training, kindergarten, puberty, college, wedding, and (drumroll, please) a grandchild! I understand the difficulties. I started out as a very young mom with no mom of my own, and not much help or support from extended family. Eleven babies later, mixed in with a whole lot of life, here I am… still mothering.

Someone asked me recently about my family. They wanted to know if everyone was “out of the house” yet. I explained that most are still home, as college life lends itself to poverty and the need to stay put for awhile. Then I was asked about their ages. When I remarked that most are teenagers and young adults and that we are having so much fun, I caught a look of confusion on the face of my inquirer. It was followed by a pointed finger (like a gun) up under the neck of the speaker who was shocked that I considered my young adults and teens fun.

Let’s get this straight: Life if life. Stuff happens. Not everyone makes the best choices and there have been tears. Nonetheless, I am thankful for these precious people I call my children! I have enjoyed every moment from the womb on.

I did not have fun pregnancies but I loved being pregnant. I didn’t sleep for years but now (most of the time) I do. For every night I lost sleep, I gained time with the sweetest smelling, warmest, cuddly little someone who stole my heart from the moment I saw that pink line!

As the old mom, I’d like to tell the young moms that I still know how to care for babies. I’d love to be asked for advice. I’d love to be asked to babysit or just hold your baby. I haven’t forgotten how it goes. Please stop complaining about all the difficulties. Please change your perspective. Many women never get to know this hardship and would count it all joy if only it could happen for them.

As the young mom, my life is full of fun that I never anticipated when my babies were little! Find that young woman inside who would love to join in on the fun. Stay up late with those teens. Yes, the ones who are never able to fall asleep at night, and can’t ever seem to get up in the mornings!

Be the home that is open to your kids’ friends. Share what you have. The food will all get eaten and you’ll have to buy more milk but it’s worth it. Being a second mom to your kids’ friends is rewarding and not without blessing. Always have an extra set of sheets or blanket available for the one who stays the night on your couch. Make him biscuits in the morning. When he’s grown he’ll think back on your kindness and be grateful. Your kids will be thankful and life will be that much sweeter.

It goes quickly. Too quickly. So don’t waste your time wishing for where you are now to pass.

Count it all joy for the Lord is good!

That’s all. Rant over. Happy Mother’s day!

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