8 Things You Probably Didn’t Say to Your Kids This Week

Hey there, mamas! I’m doing something new this week and linking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. She throws out some clever prompts each week and I thought it would be fun to dive in. Ready for this? Here’s the prompt I chose:

“8 Things You Said to Your Kids This Week That Other Parents Probably Didn’t Say”

Disney World 2014

  1. “Boys CAN be beautiful, son.” I told you about the strips of motivation on the kids’ mirror. Well, the guy who shares that bathroom with his sister had some stern objections to the sign that says “You are beautiful.” I keep telling him boys are beautiful too, but when he reads it out loud in the morning, he replaces that phrase with, “You are handsome.” I’ve given up.
  2. “Really? We’re throwing paper boomerangs in the lobby?” Yep, right in the lobby at Disney’s Port Orleans, my boys (the little one AND the big one he calls Dad) were throwing origami boomerangs. I suppose if you’re going to do that in public anywhere, a Disney hotel is the place to do it. It was a big hit with a few of the staff members, so I cut them a little slack.
  3. “I’m pretty sure I didn’t put glue in your eye.” Fake eyelashes are no fun to deal with. They’re even less fun when you’re trying to glue them to the eyelids of a 13 year old who already hates having anything near her eyes. It was my cross to bear this weekend as my daughter prepared to dance on stage at Disney, thanks to the Disney Performing Arts program. We survived the eyelashes and her dance company did a wonderful job.
    disney performing arts
  4. “Son, don’t worry, your sister is not going to have any fun today.” One kid has to go to school. One kid has the day off. One kid doesn’t think that’s quite fair. One mom has to assure that kid that he will not miss out on anything at all. (Okay, so sometimes I lie to my kids. I do what I gotta do.)
  5. “Well, now you know why dad and I lock our bedroom door.” Yep, you read that right. It’s just one of the things you say to your kid after going through FamilyLife’s “Passport to Purity” program. It’s an amazing way for Christian parents to facilitate an in-depth conversation about the birds and the bees. I’m incredibly impressed with the program even if there were some moments when I wanted to run out of the room.
  6. “I’m gonna take pictures of you whether you like it or not.” I can’t believe it’s come to this, but if I want pictures of my daughter, I have to sneak them in! I know she secretly still wants to be photographed although those glances she gives me say otherwise. I am a mom who cannot be stopped and every now and then, I snag sweet pics like the one below.Disney World 2014
  7. “Why can’t I have a Disney theme for my birthday?” Sounds like something you’d hear a kid say, but it was indeed me. We’ll be showing our #DisneySide at home with a number of other moms chosen to host parties across the country. We’re on the fence about our theme and I think it would be just fine to use it as my birthday party. One kid thinks it’s strange to invite their friends to a party for me (my friends will be there, too!) and my husband says it’s just weird. The little guy doesn’t care what the theme is as long as he can party. What to do. What to do.
  8. “May I post this?” So, this is a question I wish more parents would ask. I post A LOT of pictures and stories about my kids and I don’t want to inadvertently embarrass them or hurt their feelings. This picture was hilarious so I asked if I could share it on Instagram. He had no problem letting me share his reaction to Beverly soda at Disney World. Can you guess whether he liked it or not?!

Beverly Soda Walt Disney World

That was fun. What have you said to your kids this week? I totally want to know. Let’s chat about it in the comments and I encourage you to pop over to Mama Kat’s and see what the other writers had to say this week.

  • Lois

    It sounds like you have a great relationship with your kids which I love! I hope someday when I have kids I’ll have just that kind of relationship. The Family Life “Passport to Purity” program sounds very interesting. I’ll have to bookmark that thought for later when I’ll need it. 🙂
    -Lois… stalking you via MamKat 😉

    • zonemom

      Thanks for stopping by–I like being stalked! I work real hard to keep these kids loving me 😉 but it’s definitely not easy. If you keep collecting information, you’ll be more than ready when you do have kids.

  • Lisa

    Yep for #5. When Craig did P2P with Samuel, he was rather quiet. I told Samuel when they got home that if he had any questions he could ask me or his dad anything. He said “mom, I’d really rather not talk about it. OK?”

    • zonemom

      I’m with Samuel, I’d rather not talk about it either!! 😉

  • mamakatslosinit

    Your house sounds like fun! I can feel we’re on the cusp of sneaking photos around here too. You took some pretty priceless ones and WOW for dancing at Disney!! Way to go girly!

    • zonemom

      I suppose we do have a good bit of fun around here! Good luck with the photo-sneaking and thanks for the fun prompt.

  • KimberlyAmici

    Sounds like you had a great week. I love wearing fake eyelashes. I wear them for special events. I have a had time putting them on my. I can’t imagine trying to put them on my daughter. Stopping over from SITS.

    • zonemom

      Thanks for stopping by. I think the eyelashes looks great once they’re on. I like the self adhesive ones.

  • Karen Klepsteen

    My daughter’s five. This means that whatever I said to her this week, it was just repeated 2 or 3 times. 😉

    • zonemom

      Too funny. That happens here at my house too!

  • Alyce Wilson

    My son, at age 3, has already reached the stage where he doesn’t always want me taking his picture. I try to respect that and put the camera away. At other times, though, I’m delighted when he asks me to get the camera out and even poses for me (though unposed pictures tend to be the best). Love the picture of your son drinking the soda.

    • zonemom

      It’s hard to keep up with their changing opinions sometimes LOL. I guess we just have to embrace the moments when they let us photograph them!

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