Getting Kids to Clean (Plus Free Cleaning Products to Help)

The kids are out of school and I’ve already got them cleaning. It’s way too easy to fall out of routine in the summer, so I’m making the extra effort to keep them on top of their chores. It’s not always fun, but it definitely doesn’t have to be difficult to involve the kids in the house cleaning. I’m here with a few ways to make that easier, along with a hack for getting free cleaning products.


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Start with products that are safe for kids to use. 

I started focusing on this when my daughter was small because she was allergic to so many things. Now I use natural cleaners because I know they’re simply safer for the whole family. You can find natural cleaners at any of the places you shop for groceries. I personally use Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, Method and Seventh Generation. I shop for natural cleaning products at Grove Collaborative. Our cleaners come right to the door every month and the process couldn’t be easier.

Free Method Cleaning Supplies

Give clear instructions and regular reminders.

I’m pretty sure there was a time when I had cleaning/chore lists in just about every room. Now, the kids are pretty much on auto pilot. I remember feeling like they’d never be able to go into a room and clean it without me hovering. Of course, I was wrong and our consistency has paid off.  Be sure to have age-appropriate expectations and remember to be patient. Practice will make permanent and if you start teaching them to clean early, they’ll hopefully take those habits into adulthood.

Give kids their own cleaning kits.

Having their own supplies makes little kids feel all grown up (my big kids like this perk too!). Pull a kit together with rubber gloves, a scrub brush, and a cleaning caddy from Grove Collaborative and stick with multipurpose cleaning solutions to keep things simple. The free Method kit is great for this because bright colors are always a big hit with the kids plus, they’re available in a number of cool scents, including cucumber, honeycrisp apple, lime and sea salt, lavender, pink grapefruit, sea minerals, sweet water and waterfall. You know kids love scented stuff, so let them pick products they think will make the house smell great.

Make chores a competitive sport.

Flight that summer day sluggishness by challenging the kids to a  kids vs. mom chore competition. Whoever is first to get their chores done well wins. I’d suggest letting them pick the prize. And finally…

Help them take ownership.

We remind our kids often that our home is a place for all of us to enjoy and how we keep our home is a reflection on our family as a whole. That’s not something that you can teach over night, but we keep at it. Encourage kids to take responsibility for their own messes, while also teaching them to serve others by cleaning common areas and being willing to clean up after everyone else. Again, not easy, but I have a feeling their future roommates and spouses will appreciate our efforts.

And here’s a bonus tip for the older kids: hold their tech hostage until the cleaning is done (a.k.a. no clean, no phone!).

Earn Free Cleaning Supplies

Free Mrs. Meyer's Products - The MamaZone

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I’m sure these tips will help you get your kids cleaning and I hope you’ll dive in and start earning the free cleaning products. If you need more convincing (or more help), check out this post on stepping up your bathroom cleaning routine. Let me know about your results in the comments below or on The MamaZone’s Facebook page. Thanks for stopping by!

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