Surviving the School Year With Ease

annahMy daughter is on her way to middle school. To say we’re on pins and needles around here, would be quite an understatement. It’s really odd that we’re all so worried, since she’s always done so well in school. I suppose all the horror stories we’ve heard about middle school are taking their toll.

At any rate, she’s on her way and we’re doing our best to be prepared. I asked her for some of her tips  for surviving the school year, and here they are:

  1. Be organized.
  2. Don’t procrastinate.
  3. Find good friends.
  4. Bring your lunch (you have no idea what they’re really serving in the cafeteria).
  5. Sit in the front of the school bus in case of bumps.
  6. Spend extra time studying subjects you’re having trouble with.
  7. Chew gum while you’re studying (this is something she learned at school!)
  8. Eat bananas (she heard they make you smarter).
  9. Don’t rush.
  10. Be yourself.

I’m impressed, and not just because she’s my favorite girl! She really has a good handle on what it takes to survive and succeed in school and I hope she keeps all this in mind as middle school begins.

My advice to parents:

  1. Be patient.
  2. Participate in school activities.
  3. Keep important events on your calendar.
  4. Communicate with teachers.
  5. Check your child’s backpack.
  6. Help with homework and projects (or hire a tutor).


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