Super-Friend Valentine’s Day Cards

If you’re looking for an easy DIY Valentine’s Day card that’s perfect for boys, this is it! We originally posted this Valentine tutorial back in 2012 and friends have been using it for Valentine’s Day and any other day they’ve needed gifts for a child’s classmates.

This was originally a sponsored post with Family Fun Magazine and since their original template no longer exists, we’ve updated it with a printable of our own. Enjoy making these with your little ones and feel free to tag me @ZoneMom with pictures on Instagram!

Super Friend Lolipop Valevtine

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It’s not always easy to find Valentine’s crafts for boys, but we had no trouble at all. We found “The Caped Cute-Sader” in FamilyFun Magazine. It was fun to do, easy to complete and an absolutely unique Valentine’s treat. Here are the instructions along with our adaptations. Enjoy… caped cute-sader

Get Started on Your Super Friend Lollipop Valentine’s Day Cards

Grab supplies for your Valentine’s Day cards.

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Super friend Valentines Day template - The Mama Zone
Click to grab our printable template–perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other day you need cards for classmates.

Get to work on your Superfriend Valentines.

Decide if you’ll use construction paper or cardstock. We started with cardstock, but my son says capes need to be able to move, so we switched to construction paper. If you choose cardstock, just print your template directly onto the cardstock and make as many as you need. Skip to #4.
super friend valentines day card

  1. If you choose construction paper, print just one template on cardstock and cut it out to use as your stencil.
  2. Fold a sheet of construction paper in quarters and trace the cape onto the paper.
  3. Trace the masks onto that same folded paper if you have room.
  4. Cut the capes and masks out. DIY Super hero Valentines craft for kids
  1. Punch a hole in the top center of each cape.
  2. If you chose the blank cardstock template or construction paper, write your message on each cape. We started with “You are a Super Friend!” and then changed it to “U R A Super Friend!” in the spirit of Valentine’s day treats. Have your little one sign the back.
  3. Draw a heart on your capes or use heart stickers. Superfriend/Super hero Valentine's Day Craft for kids
  1. Slide the lollipops into the holes on the cape. Push the hole over the wrapper to keep it in place.
  2. Wrap the masks around the lollipop tops. Secure with tape on the back. Superfriend/Super hero Valentine's Day Craft for kids

And you’re done.

We suggest you get creative—add hair, special eyes, more stickers, and get as complicated as you want. If you’re looking for a way to transport them, styrofoam works great!

We hope you’ll enjoy sharing these with your super friends. Enjoy… Superfriend/Super hero Valentine's Day Craft for kids

Have a creative Valentine’s Day craft? We’d love to hear about it (and maybe try it). Drop us a comment before you go!

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