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I am right now, at this very minute, procrastinating about cleaning my bathroom. It’s always the last room I clean and I’m so glad the kids’ bathroom is no longer my responsibility. And, as I looked for reasons to keep procrastinating, I remembered I needed to share this post with you. Read on for tips on stepping up your bathroom cleaning routine and a fun free gift you can grab from Grove Collaborative + Mrs. Meyers.

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Make Bathroom Cleaning a Bit more Bearable!

Here are a few quick tips to take some of the stress out of your bathroom chores.

  1. Keep separate cleaning supplies for the bathroom and keep them all in one place. I like having all of my supplies right there where I need them. It adds to my frustration when I have to go looking for something or when I’m out, so I keep a separate cleaning caddy in each bathroom and keep it stocked. Here’s what’s in my caddy (you can get just about all of it from Grove):

| 7th generation bathroom cleaner | mrs. meyer’s tub and tile | method hard floor cleaner |

| glass bottle w/ vinegar | glass bottle w/ vinegar & dawn | baking soda |

| an old toothbrush | sponges | roll of paper towels |

  1. Buy cleaners that smell great. Ever notice how the right fragrance can boost your mood? Nice smelling cleaners go a long way toward making the bathroom cleaning experience a lot more pleasant. I enjoy using Mrs. Meyer’s cleaners for this very reason (plus the products clean so well).  The best part is there are no harsh fumes, so I don’t have to hold my breath while I’m scrubbing the bathtub.
  2. Squeeze in a workout. Bathroom cleaning time is a great time to multitask and work up a sweat. See how many steps you can get in while you get the cleaning done. You might also do a few squats and lunges while you clean the floors and tub.
  3. Clean while you’re in the shower. Did I mention multi-tasking? Give the shower walls a quick scrub down while you’re in there and if you have a glass door, that’s a great time to clean it as well. This will take a little bit of stress out of cleaning the bathroom (and is a pretty productive use of water!).
  4. Listen to an audiobook or your cleaning playlist. Catch up on that reading you’ve been putting off or just put on the songs that keep your mood upbeat (I’m currently catching up on my one year Bible!). Either way, you’ll have something to focus your attention on other than the soap scum on the sink. It will make the time go by faster!

Bouns Tip: Set a timer. Cleaning the bathroom always feels like it takes forever, but you’d be surprised how little time it actually takes when you clean it regularly. Set a timer and see how quickly you can complete each task. Make a game of it and see if you can beat your time next time you clean ;-).

BONUS Bonus tip: Skip the grocery store and stock up on cleaning supplies from Grove Collaborative instead. Grove delivers the best natural household products from Seventh Generation, Method, Mrs. Meyer’s and more right to your door, on your schedule. You can accept monthly delivery of the products you choose or skip any time. It’s free to join, the prices are affordable and there’s never an obligation to order. You’ll find all sorts of natural beauty products and household supplies there. It’s one of my favorite places to shop.

Earn Free Cleaning Supplies

If you came looking for the free Bathroom Basics Kit, that has ended. I do still have a way for you to earn free cleaning supplies though!  I am stocking up on cleaning supplies and beauty products, thanks to Grove Collaborative’s customer referral program. If you’re not already a Grove Collaborative customer, follow the instructions below to begin earning. (If you’re already a customer, start sharing your referral link!)

Free Mrs. Meyer's Products - The MamaZone

  1. Click here to sign up for a free, skip-any-month, cancel-anytime Grove Collaborative subscription.
  2. Answer a few questions about your household cleaning needs.
  3. Add at least $30 worth of products to your cart. If you used the link above, $10 off and a free Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap will be automatically added to your cart.
  4. Pay for your order.
  5. Click the “Share & Get $10” button at the top of the screen.
  6. Get your personalized referral link and share it with everyone you know to give them a $10 credit also.
  7. Earn a $10 credit every time someone uses your link.
  8. Use your credits to stock up on all your favorite products for free.

I’m sure these tips and the steps toward free cleaning products will be a huge help. Share it with friends and please, please, please, let me know about your results! Let’s chat about it in the comments below.

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