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The MamaZone: FreshStart Review

We’re reviving my husband’s slow PC with FreshStart!

My husband knows about sluggish PCs. I’m not sure how long it’s been since his laptop actually ran smoothly and efficiently, but I half expect to see smoke coming out of it whenever he’s using it.  I’m pretty sure there was a little man with a crank inside who was just about plum tuckered out. We’ve given that little man a break using a FreshStart Kit. Read on to find out how it can restore your laptop or Windows PC.

About FreshStart

FreshStart gets your Windows PC running like new again. The kit includes a new, high speed hard drive pre-loaded with Windows and select software, tools for installation and a 90-day trial of Norton Security Software. FreshStart automatically copies all of your data, settings, and favorites to the new hard drive and leaves your computer running faster than before.

The MamaZone: FreshStart for Windows PC Installation

There are two installation options. You can order the do it yourself kit or have a certified tech come out and install it for you. Either way, you’ll enjoy these benefits after FreshStart is installed:

  • Extra storage space (plus your old hard drive becomes external storage)
  • Your computer settings and files don’t change. 
  • You don’t have to leave home and you don’t have to leave your computer (and private data) at a shop.
  • It’s a simple and cost-effective way to restore life to your PC.

The price to have a tech install FreshStart on your laptop is $159.00 and it’s $169.00 for a desktop PC. You can order the DIY kit online, but you’ll first want to go through the checklist to find out if your computer is a good fit

FreshStart Review - The MamaZone

Our FreshStart Review

Our FreshStart installation was easy and trouble-free. It didn’t take the tech long to install it and the only time-consuming part was waiting for all my husbands stuff to be backed up. Since the installation, things have been running quite smoothly for him and he feels like he can get another few years out of his laptop now. I’m sure the little guy who was turning the crank is gone for good and we’re quite happy with the results.

Our rating? 5 mamas!

The MamaZone Review: 5 Mamas[1] It makes mama’s life easier (daddy’s too, since it’s his laptop)! [2] It’s family approved. [3] So far, it works just as promised. [4] It’s a great deal cheaper than purchasing a new computer. [5] It’s unique to the extent that it’s definitely not one of those “fix your PC scams” and follows through on what is promised without breaking the bank.

So, hop on over to the FreshStart website and see if it will work for your computer. If you decide to try it, I’d love to know your results, so visit again and leave a comment below.


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