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Confession: I do not like shopping.

I suppose I should rephrase that for accuracy–I do not like fighting traffic, wandering through aisles and standing in long lines to shop for what I need. Instead, I prefer grabbing our wares from the comfort of my couch and pajamas. This is why I’ve been a huge fan of Amazon for years and also why Amazon Dash Button is like a new best friend.

If you haven’t heard of Amazon Dash Button, you’ll find the details below. First, let me just say that it’s changing the game for this mom who loves to make life easier! It’s just one way we can simplify our shopping routines and stay on top of our household inventory. Read on to get to know the buttons a bit better and to find a few more tips to help you streamline your hunting and gathering.

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About Amazon Dash Button

I started using Amazon Dash Button last year and was surprised I hadn’t heard about it before then. It’s actually turning two this year and if you stick around until the end, you’ll see the gift Amazon is offering customers to celebrate.

As you’ve probably figured out, Amazon Dash Button is a device that reorders everyday essentials with the press of a button. The buttons connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and you pair them with a product of your choice. When you’re running low, simply press Dash Button to place an order for the product you chose. You’ll receive a confirmation from the Amazon app and soon, that smiling arrow will be waiting on your porch.


Here are a few key details:

  • Amazon Dash Button is only available for Prime members. If you aren’t a Prime member, I highly recommend joining. I’ve been using Prime for years and helps to simplify my shopping process. You can pay monthly or yearly, and a rarely mentioned bonus is that you can use the Prime referral program to share with friends to earn $5 credits. (BTW, here’s mine. Be sure to grab yours & share it with friends).
  • You “tell” the Dash Button what to order. When you set up your Dash Button, you’ll choose the product you want it to order. This lets you skip the search process for your exact product. It helps you spend a little less time on shopping so you can focus on other things.
  • You need the Amazon app and a Wi-Fi connection to use Amazon Dash Button. Download the app for Android or iOS. If you already have it, click here to make sure it’s the latest version. You’ll use the app to set up your button and once set-up is complete, a notification (if enabled) is sent to your smartphone every time you place an order. You can also use the app to check status, make changes and cancel orders.
  • Amazon Dash Buttons are essentially free. While each button “costs” $4.99, you’ll receive a $4.99 credit to your Amazon account with the first order through a Dash Button. For example, if your paper towels cost $15, your first order with the Dash Button will cost you $10.01.
  • Amazon has put safeguards in place. Dash Button only responds  to your first press until your order is shipped and arrives on your doorstep. It’s also easy to cancel an erroneous order, but I still suggest keeping it out of your little one’s reach and placing it somewhere it can’t be pressed accidentally (she speaks from experience!).
  • Order from your favorite brands. There are more than 250 Dash Buttons and they’re available for a number of leading brands. Check the full list here. I love that all of my favorites are included. I think brand loyalty goes a long way toward simplifying my shopping routine. Knowing exactly what I’m looking for (and where to find it) makes things much easier.

Shopping with the Amazon Dash Button - The MamaZone

You can see how Amazon Dash Button fits into a simplified shopping routine. This will save a bit of time and help you stick to your list as well as your budget, because you’ll know what you’re paying each time you press that button. And, speaking of budget, here’s that gift I mentioned for the two-year anniversary celebration: Through April 7, buy an Amazon Dash Button for $0.99 and still receive a $4.99 credit back after the first press of the button! Use the code DASHBDAY at checkout.

Take advantage of that offer today, but before you go, let me know what you think about Amazon Dash Button. Let’s chat about it in the comments below or on The MamaZone’s Facebook page.

Simplify Shopping with the Amazon Dash Button - The MamaZone

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The MamaZone: Simplify Shopping with Amazon Dash Button


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