Science Shepherd Homeschool Science Curriculum Review

The MamaZone: Science Shepherd Review

This review was facilitated by Schoolhouse Review Crew and Science Shepherd.

We’ve ended our search for a homeschool science curriculum! We’re now using Introductory Science from Science Shepherd. It’s been a useful addition to our routine. Read on for our opinion and help determining if it might work for you.

Science Shepherd Review

About Science Shepherd & Introductory Science Curriculum

Science Shepherd is a homeschool science curriculum developed to address the need for quality higher level homeschool science curricula. The Introductory Science Curriculum is a complete science course for students ages 6-11. The courses are taught by video and accompanied by a student workbook. We reviewed Introductory Science Workbook B, which is suited for students ages 9-11. Here are the details:

  • The 35 lessons cover topics in earth science, life science, physical science and science skills.
  • Topics include creation, geology, biology, astronomy, oceanography, meteorology and several others.
  • Video lessons are 2-5 minutes long.
  • Video courses include 12-month access.
  • Workbook activities are designed to reinforce the concepts taught in the video lessons.

The MamaZone: Science Shepherd Review

Our Science Shepherd Introductory Science Review

The workbook and video lessons are divided by weeks. There is a video and workbook pages each day and a science activity each week. The video portal is very well organized and easy to use. Students simply click on the video they need for the day and then click to watch it full-screen. While the videos are very educational, they’re not incredibly exciting. I suppose he doesn’t always need to be entertained, though and it does keep his attention.

The MamaZone: Science Shepherd Samples
Video Portal Screen & Workbook Pages

Most days, my son completes more than one lesson because the videos and workbook pages are so short. Again, the videos do keep him engaged, so although I wish they were longer, I’m happy he’s willing to double or triple-up without complaining. I have also worked hard to focus more on critical thinking than rote recall, so I’m not a huge fan of the fill-in-the-blank type questions in the workbook. I know it’s necessary in a course like this and I appreciate that there is some variety in the workbook activities.

This curriculum does indeed work for us. It’s not exactly what I’ve been looking for, but my son enjoys it and he is definitely learning. We have struggled to find a science curriculum that fits. I’ve been looking for something that’s comprehensive but also includes a heavy hands-on approach. This has not been as hands-on as I would like, but again, he enjoys it and can explain what he’s learned after finishing a lesson.

We’ve given Science Shepherd’s Introductory Science Couse 4 1/2 Mamas!

The MamaZone Review: 4 1/2 Mamas[1] It makes mama’s life easier. I don’t have to worry about teaching the hefty science concepts I’ve long-since forgotten from elementary science.   [2] It’s kid approved, and he really enjoys the biblical approach that was missing in his public school science classes. [3] It delivers what was promised. [4] The course is very affordable.  Access to the Introductory Science video lessons is just $35, the workbook is $15 and the answer key is $3.   [5] The program is quite useful, but not necessarily unique.

I hope you’ll find our review helpful as you plan for your homeschool science lessons! Click the banner below to see what other Schoolhouse Review Crew members thought. Are you familiar with Science Shepherd? Let’s chat about your experiences in the comments!

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Science Shepherd Review

  • Katherine

    I totally get what you mean about struggling to find a science curriculum that fits. We’ve been lucky enough to have some really great places nearby for supplemental science classes (but then that’s not really “homeschooling,” is it?) We consider it part of our “eclectic homeschooling,” though. We do really like the Magic School Bus subscription kits and their other (more expensive) kits that they sell other places (and I think they have a subscription plan for older kids called the Young Scientists Club or something like that).
    Mythbusters has a few kits that we’ve bought but haven’t tried, yet. We love mythbusters- wish they had a subscription kit plan (can you tell we love those? Definitely have to make choices, though, for our budget!)

    • “Eclectic homeschooling” I love that! We used Magic School Bus early on and have played around with a few STEM subscription type things. He did well on standardized tests last year, so I feel better about my less than “expert” status when it comes to finding a good science curriculum. We’re still using this one so far and it’s working out well.

      • Katherine

        That’s great to hear that this is still working out well- I love hearing follow-ups on reviews (especially by actual real people)! Science curricula can be so expensive so trial-and-error is a rough way to go, and finding a good one that is affordable is an added bonus.
        I love the lab coat, by the way (why do lab coats make any science so much better? I even got some of my “science hating” nieces to beg for “more science!” when we had them for awhile and while I’d like to think that most of that is due to my “exciting experiments,” I’m pretty sure the lab coats can claim he vast majority of the glory.)
        Your kids are older than mine though, and when I was teaching “out in the real world” I didn’t have to teach science at a higher level, so we will have to see what happens when that time comes.
        For now I will focus on, well, the here and now! 🙂

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