Quick Tips for Planning Your Fall Events

Are you planning a party this fall? Are you looking for tips to make your fall event a success? If so, read on for a few quick tips to make things easier. You know I’m here to keep you from overcomplicating things and I’m sure these ideas will help.

Quick Tips for Fall Party Planning

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If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I love fall and I love a good party. What I don’t love is a frenzied attempt to throw a great event together with little time to spare, so my first tip is to start early! So, grab your planner NOW and let’s get this party planning started.

Tips for Planning Fall Parties and Events

Choose an event date early.

Between sporting events, Halloween and Thanksgiving, fall calendars fill up quickly. Avoid a flood of “I can’t make it” responses by choosing a date and inviting people before they make other plans. This will also help if you have to rent a venue. The sooner you know, the sooner you can book.

Decide on a party theme before you send invitations.

I love a streamlined event. And, while I’ve been guilty of sending a generic invitation just to get the ball rolling, I prefer to send out an invitation that captures the theme of the party. So, right after you set your date, decide on a theme quickly. And, while you’re doing that, consider your color scheme too. You don’t have to go with traditional browns and oranges, you can opt instead for golds, dark blues and greens and deep purples. Check Pinterest for some out-of-the-box inspiration on colors and themes.

Fall Party Decor

Send beautiful invitations.

The party starts with the invitation! I love receiving a beautiful invitation in the mail–it sets the tone for the party and also sets my expectations. High quality invitations go a long way toward making the right impression, so put some effort into choosing them. I mentioned Basic Invite, and it’s a great place to find unique invitations for all your fall parties. It’s one of the few websites that offers almost unlimited color options, allowing you to change the color of each element in your chosen design.  You can also coordinate your peel and seal envelope perfectly with the choice of over 40 different envelope colors.

Fall Party Invitations - Basic Invite

One last thing I love about them is that you can request a printed sample of your actual invitation, so you can see exactly how it will print and check the paper quality before you place your final order (talk about making mama’s life easier!). Check them out for beautiful birthday invitations and more.

Plan a manageable menu.

Don’t get caught in the “I saw it online” recipe trap. Create a menu that you can prepare with the least amount of stress possible and if you opt to try something you saw on social media, do a few trial runs before the big event. You also don’t need to fall into the fall-themed food trap. Don’t overwhelm your guests with pumpkin or apple everything, instead, choose a variety of foods they’ll enjoy and consider using the pumpkins and apples for decor instead.

Fall Drink Ideas

Do your event shopping early.

As you consider your theme and peruse Pinterest for ideas, start your shopping list. Add to it as needed to keep yourself on track and to make sure you don’t miss anything. If you start your shopping early, you’ll have time to look for deals and search for hard-to-find items. I can’t promise you won’t have to make that last minute trip to the grocery store on the day of, but it will definitely cut down on that last-minute shopping list.

Get help.

Don’t go it alone. Ask for help when you need it and take it when it’s offered. You know the old saying, “Many hands make light work,” so look for some dependable hands and enjoy the process of working together to pull off a great event.

Fall Photo Booth Idea

Think outside the fall party box.

Remember what I said about the apples and pumpkins? Keep that in mind as you plan. Pumpkins don’t have to be orange, you can opt for the white ones instead. You don’t have to stick with leaves and mums because succulents make an amazing alternative. And, consider taking the party outside, where you craft something together with those leaves instead of just decorating with them. Look for unique ways to celebrate and enjoy the freedom of trying new things.

And, that’s all I’ve got. Now, take those seven tips and go plan an amazing fall party. And, don’t forget to visit Basic Invite. They’ve got invitations for Halloween, Sweet 16 and everything in between ;-). If you decide to order, please, please, please stop by The Mama Zone’s Facebook page and let me know what you got. And, if they ask where you heard about them, let them know it was me. Enjoy your party

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Quick Tips for Planning Fall Events

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