Protecting Your Kids Online with Fooz Kids (Freebie)

I’ve heard some very scary things about kids and online dangers. It seems most parents are still in the dark about online safety, and children are being left to fend for themselves. Since I’m a parent who is constantly online, I’m acutely aware of the weirdoes lurking in the internet shadows. It forces me to be hyper-protective when my kids are on the internet and I’m always open to new ideas and resources to help me protect them.

Cue the Fooz Kids jingle.

Fooz Kids is a clever application that provides a secure setting for kids to access the internet. Parents can use Fooz Kids to control a child’s access to the internet, while offering him/her the opportunity to create, play games, connect with friends and even learn a few things.

I set up accounts for both my six and eleven year old and we dove in. Before the fun can start, parents use the parental dashboard to set up permissions for each child.  Parents can also monitor each child’s activity from the dashboard and track their progress in Fooz Kids U (the educational portion of the site). In short, anything essential to managing your account or child’s access can be done here.

Fooz Kids includes a ton of sites, videos and activities that parents can choose to approve, and gives parents the option of adding sites and activities that are not already included. I used this feature to add access to the sites we use for homework, and while adding new sites is quite simple, navigating to those sites is not. I wish there was a way to rearrange the icons on the child’s dashboard, so that those sites they use the most are easily accessible. Instead, sites you add are listed on the child’s “My Channel” page and kids have to do a little extra navigating to get there.

Inside Fooz Kids, children can create their own avatar, set up their own “place,” connect with friends, read books and even send email and video mail. While I love the idea of knowing who my children are emailing, children are not given an emaiI  address and can only exchange email with friends who are also on Fooz Kids. This works well for smaller children, but my 11 year old could never stand the embarrassment of having me send each of her friends an email asking them to join the site so they can communicate online. I would much prefer each child having an email address that I could monitor with the option of blocking and allowing specific senders.

In addition to allowing kids to enjoy the internet safely, Fooz Kids also offers them an opportunity to be rewarded for what they know. Fooz Kids U is a series of educational activities and quizzes that rewards kids with coins that they can use for great real-life prizes from the Fooz Kids Treasure Box. We LOVED this component of the site. I loved that the kids were using their brains and the kids loved that they could be rewarded for it. This is a benefit for premium members, so you’ll have to pay the yearly fee of $69.95 to access it. This is a perfect use of online time and a great incentive for learning.

Our rating? 4 mamas.

[1] With the exception of the “My Channel” and email difficulties, I really like the application. [2] It’s kid approved and both kids enjoyed the games, activities and rewards. [3]We encountered a few glitches early on, but other than that it works as described. [4] You can purchase a basic membership for $11.99 and a premium membership for $69.99. If you’re certain you will use it often, it’s definitely worth the price. [5] The application as a whole is pretty unique, as it combines the functionality of several different applications in one place.

Who wants to try it FOR FREE? Click this special link to access a free basic membership! Give it a try, get your kids set up and stop by to let me know what you think. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and you’ll find that you feel more confident about your child spending time online. I really do want to hear your opinion and I’m looking forward to it. Enjoy!

I received membership to the site to facilitate this review.  My opinions are always my own. For more information, read the Guide to Mama’s Product Reviews or read my Disclosure Policy.

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