Supplies to Keep You Prepared for School Projects

Do you know what’s NOT fun? Having to run out to the store the night before a school project is due. And, although my kids don’t usually wait until the last minute, I learned early on that it makes more sense for me to always be prepared for their projects instead of dragging myself to the store when something is due.

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I already know most of you have been there, too, so I’ve combed through our supply shelves and come up with a list of craft and school supplies you should keep around the house. It won’t take much space or effort and it will save you time and money in the long run. Here’s hoping this little list will go quite a ways toward making your life a little easier! Grab all these supplies on your next Target run or save a trip and order online.

Supplies to Keep on Hand to Be Prepared for School Projects

  1. Poster board. You know you’re gonna need one at some point, so grab a couple, roll them up and store them in the closet. If you have a spot for them, grab a couple of the foam ones too.The MamaZone: School Supplies to Help You Prepare for School Projects
  2. Crayons, colored pencils, markers. Even my middle-schooler still has the occasional need for crayons (we have more than anyone really needs, so if you need to borrow some, let me know). I also keep colored pencils and markers around because they always need those too.
  3. Electric pencil sharpener. I’ve tried to get by with those handheld sharpeners they keep in their pencil boxes, but at the end of the day, it just makes sense to have an electric one.
  4. Construction paper/Colored paper. We’ve needed construction paper less and less as they’ve gotten older, but there’s always a need for colored paper and card stock, so I keep it around.
  5. Sharpies. Know what you need when your son has to draw 30 swords? Gold and silver metallic permanent markers! Fortunately, we had them  and we actually have so many Sharpie permanent markers, they have their own container. They’re not only great for school projects, they come in handy for all sorts of projects around the house (just keep them away from the tiny ones). They also make premium pens (I had no idea!) and my absolute favorite pen for signing things is also a Sharpie. I have to keep a close eye on it or it somehow grows legs and walks right into my daughter’s backpack.The MamaZone: Sharpie Permanent Metallic Marker Review
  6. Paint/Paint Pens. Now that my kids are older, I lean more toward the paint pens, but we’ve always had a bin for paint. I also keep those Dollar Store tablecloths around after parties so we always have something to cover the table or floor. There are a lot of creative mess-free paint products on the market these days and it just makes sense to invest in some if you have school-aged children.
  7. Glue, tape and other sticky stuff. Yes, we have a bin for glue. Sometimes you need the stick and other times the bottle is best. Don’t forget the regular tape, double sided tape and rubber cement. You always pay more for this stuff when you have to run out and get it, so just grab some while you’re walking around Walmart or Target.
  8. Random Craft supplies (glitter, pipe cleaners, string, etc.). This isn’t as important as the other items on the list, but if you have room to keep these things around, they’ll definitely come in handy at some point.The MamaZone: Supplies to Prepare for School Pojects
  9. Cut-out Letters or Stencils. I’m so glad the days of tracing letters and writing slowly for posters is over. Now, we just slap some stick-on letters on and keep it moving.the-mama-zone-school-project-supplies-letters
  10. Run-of-the-mill School Supplies. Keep extra rulers and scissors around the house instead of trusting kids to bring theirs home. We also have a number of craft scissors with the clever edges that help add a little something extra to projects.
  11. Random household odds and ends. We’ve had to use straws, cotton balls, toothpicks and even salt for school projects, so it helps to be prepared for that as well. It’s hard to pinpoint what sorts of household items you’l need to keep on hand, but just be prepared for it.
The MamaZone: Metallic Sharpie Marker Review
Using Metallic Sharpie Markers to track Salt Crystal Experiment

Hopefully, having these things around will not only make school projects easier, it will encourage your kids to be creative on their downtime as well. This gives them a chance to express themselves and flex those imagination muscles and I think that’s so important. Have I left anything off the list? Let me know what you keep around the house and I’ll update it. Here’s hoping this makes things a bit easier for ya…

Grab all these school supplies online at Target!

The MamaZone: Sharpie Permanent Neon Marker Review
Using Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers to decorate white Sharpie sunglasses!


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  • Don’t say “school projects!!! My youngest has had two in two weeks and about four or so this year alone. I normally have school project supplies and random household items (I need more space to keep everything in one area), but they often end of mismatched or all vowels missing ’cause so many children use them. I didn’t have that issue when I had an only. 🙂 Cool post.

  • Sandy VanHoey

    We need to pick us up some poster board to keep on hand here. We have quite a bit of craft supplies for the kids

    • zonemom

      It’s definitely good to have around.

  • Erica

    Love it. This mother needs as much help as possible. Thank you and keep it coming!

    • zonemom

      You’re welcome!! Thanks for reading, lady!!

  • Kim L.

    What a great list! I love your containers too. What did you use to make them? I would love to find a more organized way to store all of our supplies.

    • zonemom

      Thanks! Those are old protein shake containers–I never throw anything away lol.

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