Hosting an Unforgettable Easter Egg Hunt Hosting an Unforgettable Easter Egg Hunt


It’s that time again: You’re planning an epic Easter egg hunt and I’m here to help you do it without losing your mind! Read on for a few tips to help make your hunt a low-stress success. I also have some great Easter gift ideas for you to maximize the fun!

10 Tips for Hosting an Unforgettable Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Don’t spend a lot on supplies. I have yet to find a good way to reuse those plastic eggs so it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot on them. Get the cheap ones and spend the money on gifts and surprises.
  2. Hide more than just eggs. Sneak a few surprises into the hunt. Grab some great Easter gifts like the personalized Bunny Bear that made it into my son’s basket (yep, it’s okay to buy bears for boys!). Think of the fun they’ll have finding bigger gifts on their way to the eggs. Personalized Easter Gifts

We found these great gifts at

  1. Eliminate the competition. Make the hunt more about the fun than a fight. Give each child a maximum amount they can collect or color code the eggs for each child to keep things even.
  2. Keep it age appropriate. My kids are older, so I make our hunts as tricky as I can. If you have smaller kids, remember to keep things simple and make the eggs super easy to find.
  3. Fill eggs with more than just candy. Cash and small toys work, too. Just be careful of choking hazards if your egg-hunters are small.
  4. Use the space you have. We’ve had great egg hunts in the backyard as well as in the house. It’s not hard to make use of whatever space you have, just be creative with your hiding.
  5. Find clever hiding places. While you’re considering how to maximize your space, think of clever places you can hide your eggs. Patches the Bunny Stuffie makes a perfect egg-hiding place. Remember what I said about surprises? This is a great one to buy! Easter Gift Idea - Patches the Bunny Stuffie

  1. Make it a scavenger hunt. Instead of filling your eggs with candy or gifts, fill them with clues that lead kids to their basket or another surprise. We chose a personalized Robot Easter Basket this year. It was a big hit with my son (and it’s gonna make a great storage bin after Easter is over!).
  2. Dress ’em up. I have a thing for bunny ears! It’s hard to choose between my printable template and the furry personalized bunny ears we found at Personal Creations. Either way, make sure your hunters are outfitted with bunny ears for the day. (I have a printable rabbit mask template, too!)
  3. Leave yourself a trail. Make a list, take pictures or come up with another way to remember where you hid the eggs. I was finding eggs weeks after our last hunt because I hid them so well! This is an especially helpful tip if you’re hiding chocolate.

And, here’s a bonus tip: take LOTS of pictures so you can enjoy the memories later!

And that’s all. Hopefully these tips will help simplify your Easter egg hunt this year so you can focus your energy on the fun. Grab the great gifts pictured here (and more!) from and before you go, I’d love to hear your ideas for hosting an unforgettable Easter Egg Hunt, so let’s chat about it in the comments!

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  • tara pittman

    My boys love egg hunts. We do one at our church every year.

  • Naturally Nerdy Mommas

    Great tips, chick. I especially like the personalized flair tips, I REALLY love personalized things! I think it really puts the icing on the cake when it comes to getting the right gift AND…making an Easter egg hunt awesome 😉

    • Anitra Elmore

      I totally agree…there’s nothing quite like seeing your own name on something. Happy Easter! Thanks for visiting.

  • Kim L.

    Great ideas! We always have a scavenger component for our egg hunt. The regular eggs contain candy or small prizes and then golden eggs contain clues that lead our son to his Easter basket. One tip I’d like to add is to be careful of hiding eggs with chocolate in them if you have a dog. We have a fenced backyard and we let our dog out without a leash back there. He’s always managed to find an egg or two and help himself to some candy. This year, I’m putting all of the chocolate-filled eggs in the front yard where our dog can’t get to them.

    • Anitra Elmore

      Good tip about the dog and chocolate!! Have fun this year!!

  • Lisa Kimmey Winans

    Great ideas!!! Patches the Bunny is so cute. Going to purchase a few for gifts. Thanks!!!

    • Anitra Elmore

      Happy shopping! Thanks for popping by ;-).

  • Dandi D

    This is really great and I will have to remember these ideas for next year.

  • JRFrugalMom

    Thanks, I needed this list a few weeks ago, but I’ll definitely keep all of our tips in mind for next year. I especially like the idea of the color coded eggs, because with kids in so many age groups it just never ends out fair…

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