Planning a Secret Agent Party (Part 2)

The MamaZone: Planning a Secret Agent Party

Welcome to Part 2 of my Secret Agent Party instructions. If you missed the first post, describing our spy party invitations and supplies, pop over so you don’t miss a thing. Here’s a peek at how I prepared and how we played.

The MmaZone: DIY Laser Obstacle Course

Secret Agent Birthday Party Preparations

I so wish I’d started sooner with my preparations, but as I mentioned in my last minute party planning post, procrastination reared its ugly head. At any rate, I pulled it off and here are some of the things from my Secret Agent Party To-do/To-make list.

The MamaZone: Secret Agent Party

  •  I used small notebooks to make Passports. I printed out the covers and inner pages, which included a checklist for all of their training activities, a place for their code names and finger print, and a “Mission Accomplished” page.
  • I printed signs for each training mission. Oddly enough, I used a font called Star Jedi for the signs. I really like how they turned out.
  • I printed secret agent cupcake toppers on glossy cardstock, cut them out and hot glued them on to party toothpicks.
  • I made the I.D. badges using Avery business cards and a Word template.
  • A piece of red poster board and a large cutout of my National Birthday Celebration Association seal set the stage for the photo station. I used these photos for the Thank You cards.
  • I created the laser obstacle course using red rope that I grabbed from the Dollar Tree. I used packaging tape to secure it, but soon found out that wasn’t the best choice.
  • In terms of decor, we hung our empty water balloons and some of the signs using fishing wire and added balloons, crepe paper and more red and black plastic table cloths than I’ll ever need again.

Secret Agent Birthday Party Activities

The MamaZone: Secret Agent Party Supplies

These games and activities were so much fun. Again, I got my inspiration from my Super Spy/Secret Agent pinboard and adapted them as needed. Plus, I added the photo station. Here’s what we did.

  • Choosing Codenames. We printed out two sets of labels with our label maker–one set of adjectives and one set of nouns. The boys grabbed one of each to stick on their I.D. badges when they stopped at the Security Checkpoint. The birthday boy was code name: Blue Eagle.
  • The Laser Course: This was the first thing people saw as they entered and boy were they impressed. We planned to time each agent as they completed this Agility Drill, but I quickly loss control of procedure once the boys started having their fun.
  • Two of my senior operatives handled fingerprinting and photographing each agent before they could receive their passports. There was also a station for them to learn how to dust for fingerprints.
  • In the Mission Training Facility, the boys completed a full training obstacle course. This was supposed to be outside, but the weather forced us to relocate to the garage and nix the slip-n-slide. We started with target practice using our dartboard and cornhole games along with a Nerf gun equipped with laser light. We timed the boys as they shot, jumped on the Plasmacar and rode to our Toydle fort obstacle course. This was all done in the dark (thanks to the glasses from our Nerf Firevision football) and that was a HUGE hit.

The MamaZone: Secret Agent Party Disguise

  • Another big hit was our Bomb Diffusing exercise. We released the water balloons we blew up from a trash bag hanging on the ceiling and the boys made a ton of noise as they stepped on the balloons to pop them.
  • Pass the bomb–this was essentially Hot Potato with a black balloon (an old school game that still works!).
The MamaZone - Secret Agent Spy Party Ideas
  • Instead of a cake, I opted for cupcakes and set up a cup cake decorating station for the boys. They loved it!

Whew. I’m tired just reliving it all. It was so much fun, and as promised, here’s the printable file of all the decorations I created for our secret agent party. Enjoy!

The MamaZone: Spy Party Printable

And I’ll leave you with a goodbye from my Special Agent, Super Spy Birthday Boy who thoroughly enjoyed his secret agent party!

The MamaZone: Secret Agent Party Printables

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