DIY Painted Drop Cloth Notebook Paper Rug – Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of my painted drop cloth notebook paper rug tutorial! You shopped and prepped in Part 1 and now it’s time to tape and paint.

Creating Your DIY Notebook Paper Rug

Tape off Your Notebook Paper Rug


Start taping off your horizontal lines. I used a yardstick and a level to get my first line of tape straight. If the first one is off, the rest will be as well.

  1. Measure approximately 7″ from the top of the rug for your top margin (this is where we used to write our heading when I was in elementary school ;-)). Place the bottom of your first piece of tape here. (See photo above.)
  2. Leave approximately 5/16″ open and place your next two pieces of tape right next to each other to cover about 3 11/16″ of space.
  3. Repeat the pattern until your rug is fully taped. Your “paper” should have 19 lines when you’re done.

Here are two tips: (1) Press across the edges of your tape with the edge of a ruler to make sure there are no gaps. I ended up with a few smudges because the tape wasn’t secure enough. (2) Don’t try to do this all at once. Take a few breaks for the sake of your knees! This was, by far, the most time consuming part.

You’ll tape your vertical lines after the paint on your horizontal lines is completely dry. For those, you’ll need three pieces of tape.

  1. Place a vertical strip of tape about 2 1/2″ away from the left edge of your rug.
  2. Leave approximately 5/16″ of space for your first red line and place another strip of tape. Repeat this for the second red line.


Painting Your Drop Cloth Notebook Paper Rug

After you’ve taped for your horizontal lines, begin painting. If you’re using spray paint, cover EVERYTHING you don’t want painted. I got overspray on my top margin and in between a few lines and I was not happy about that.

  1. Spray paint each line using light strokes and check your tape occasionally for puckers.
  2. After your blue lines have dried, tape off your red lines and paint them with a brush.
  3. After the red lines are dry, give the rug a good spraying of Scotchgard. Let it dry according to the instructions on the can.


It’s been a couple of months and we’re still enjoying our rug. I use one of those handheld sweeping brushes to sweep it off and we haven’t had any major dirt since we don’t wear shoes in the house.

I hope the tutorial has been helpful and I’d LOVE to see your rug if you decide to make one. If you have any questions, let’s chat in the comments. Enjoy!!

  • Mary-In the boondocks

    This is so cute! Perfect for the home schoolroom. What a brilliant idea to adhere the drop cloth onto an old rug. Now that is really smart upcycling! Thanks for the tutorial.

    • zonemom

      Thanks for the compliment ;-).

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