Ozobot: Coding and Robotics Play for Kids

The MamaZone: Ozobot Robot for Kids

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I love giving my kids opportunities to learn while they play. There’s nothing quite like watching them develop new skills when they’re distracted by the fun they’re having. We had one of those opportunities this weekend, as we played with the Ozobot. Read on to find out how this mini robot can give your child exposure to robotics and coding while they have a little fun.

The MamaZone: Tryazon Ozobot Party

About Ozobot

Ozobot is a tiny robot that allows children to learn and play with robotics. It comes to life when you create mazes, playgrounds & tracks. It was created by Evollve, Inc., a company focused on introducing new ways to combine social interaction with digital apps. Here are a few of its key features:

  • Ozobot teaches code language, deductive reasoning & robotic behavior.
  • It’s one of the world’s smallest small robot toys.
  • Kids start by creating color code commands and can move on to block-based programming using OzoBlocky.
  • You can create mazes for Ozobot on paper, game boards or digital screens.
  • Ozobot comes with free downloadable apps, including the Ozobot app, which comes with three games (OzoDraw, OzoLuck and OzoPath) and Ozo Groove, which allows you to program Ozobot to dance to your favorite songs.
  • It can be used in the classroom as an innovative way to teach subjects like programming, math and science.

The MamaZone: Ozobot Mini Robot Review

Thanks to Tryazon, we partied with friends and Ozobots this weekend. We used markers, mazes and imagination to program these tiny little robots and watch them follow through on our commands. This opens up the door to hours of play, using the apps, print games and web games available on the Ozobot website. After the party, my son and I took things a step further, by attempting to code the Ozobot to help us say Merry Christmas. Check it out if you missed it on Instagram:

I love the endless learning and play possibilities that are available with Ozobot. Their site is full of instructional materials and ideas to guide you in your use of the product and, although, it was initially a bit overwhelming to try to take it all in, it’s great to have such a substantial resource to rely on. You can find Ozobot on their website, as well as Toys”R”Us and Barnes & Noble. I’d love to know what you think about this product, so let’s chat about it in the comments!

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    What a neat invention to get kids thinking. I’d like to play with it.
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