Unique Event Invitations from PaperlessPost

I am planning a very special dinner party right now and my first step was finding beautiful online invitations at Paperless Post. If you’re planning an event, read on to find out how you can get things started off right! HUGE thanks to Paperless Post for sponsoring this conversation.

Unique Invitations from Paperless Post

One of my favorite parts of planning a party is choosing the invitation. And, while I love the feel of an actual paper invite, it’s just not always practical. Enter Paperless Post.

Not only do they offer tons of unique invitations, but the process they use to send them simulates the real-life invitation experience. It’s a clever and classy way to let your invitees know you’re excited about spending time with them and it’s my go-to whenever I need an online invitation.

Online Invitations from Paperless Post

6 Reasons to switch to Paperless Post

  • There are tons of choices. Paperless Post offers cards, flyers and invitations that range from casual to formal. You can choose a design that uses your own photos, create and upload your own designs or choose from the beautifully pre-designed cards. And if you really want paper invitations, you can find many of the Paperless Post designs at Paper Source.
  • There are no annoying ads. If you’ve ever received an online invitation, you know how annoying it is that they’re often surrounded by ads. This is not an issue at all with Paperless Post.
  • It’s an eco-friendly way to send invitations. No wasted paper. Period.
  • It’s less expensive than sending out paper invitations (and in many cases, FREE). Paperless Post allows you to send free invitations to up to 2,000 email recipients. There are paid invites and add-ons like premium envelopes, liners, stamps, postmarks, logos, and backdrops also. These all require you to purchase coins and invitations can range from 0-13+ coins per recipient.
  • Tracking and reminders are easy. It’s very easy to track how many emails were sent and opened, as well as who has RSVPd. It’s also very easy to send reminders and message recipients and it can also all be done from the Paperless Post mobile app.
  • Responding is easy. Recipients don’t need an account to respond to invitations, send messages or leave notes on the invitation page. Invitations arrive as regular emails and recipients can respond with the click of a button.

Paperless Post Mobile App

I’ve sent and received so many online invitations over the years and there’s really nothing else that compares to the Paperless Post experience. If you’re planning an event, go ahead and try it now. Pop back by to let me know how it goes!


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