Talking to Teen Sons About Their Smell (with Help from Old Spice)

Puberty can be a smelly time for the boys in our lives and having conversations about their smells can be awkward. So, when I heard Old Spice was launching a new tool to make those conversations easier, I could not wait to hear more.

Old Spice Smellcome to Manhood

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They recently launched Old Spice School of Swagger, an online video-based curriculum to help boys entering puberty. I attended the launch in L.A. and learned a lot about helping my 12 year old son navigate these new and often smelly days.

The awesome Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafah and Old Spice Sweat Scientist, Jaime Stahl gave us a fun peek at the new video series.  We also got some great tips on talking to sons about their smells from Dr. Deborah Gilboa, M.D. (Dr. G). Read on for the highlights or check them out in the video below.

Quick Tips for Talking to Your Sons About How They Smell

Isaiah Mustafah - Old Spice School of Swagger

  1. Have a one-on-one conversation. No need to include siblings or friends!
  2. Make it fun. Talk about the serious stuff, but make time for something fun he’d like to do. The School of Swagger videos bring the fun as well, so watch them together and enjoy the laughs.
  3. Incorporate science. Do some research before you talk to him and let the videos do some of the heavy lifting. They’re full of solid science and the information is presented in a way that’s easy for a young boy to understand.
  4. Give him his own grooming products. Choose products you know you can depend on and let him choose the scent. My son is enjoying Old Spice’s new Wild Collection and I’d love to help you try it for free, so check out the giveaway below.

Old Spice Sweat Scientist

Try Old Spice’s Wild Collection

When that “funky new smell’ hits your 11 or 12 year old, Old Spice’s Wild Collection can help tame that new odor. It’s inspired by the wild kingdom’s personality traits and is available in anti-perspirants, deodorants, body washes, body sprays and shampoos, in the following scents:

  • Krakengärd – Smells like citrus, fresh herbs, and the unspeakable power of the ancient ocean
  • Bearglove – Commands grizzly-bear-level respect with smells of apple, citrus, and spice
  • Wolfthorn – The sort of sophisticated wolf who wears a suit that has a suave, sweet orange scent
  • Hawkridge – Outwits unsuspecting stink with its sandalwood and vanilla scent

My son’s favorite is Wolfthorn and I’d love to give your son a chance to find his favorite in this fun Smellmergency Kit!

Old Spice Wild Collection Smellmergency Kit

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Before you go, I’d love to hear your tips on talking to sons about how the smell! If you’ve got one OR if you’ve got a funny stinky boy story, I’d love to hear about it in a comment below!

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