NBC TVEverywhere: Watch TV Without The TV

NBC TVEverywhere: Chicago PD, Chicago Fire #TVWithoutTV

NBC TVEverywhere is going to change how you watch TV. With it, you can watch your favorite NBC TV shows right in front of your computer. No more worries about recording or waiting until the kids are done watching cartoons (like I typically have to). With NBC TVEverywhere, you can watch TV without the TV, making it easier for you to stay on top of those can’t-miss NBC shows.

As a Chicago girl who’s been away from home for a long time, I absolutely have to watch Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. Yep, I listen for mentions of familiar street names and neighborhoods and it’s all very nostalgic to me. I recently caught up on all the episodes I’d missed this season because life has been way too busy and, had I known about NBC TVEverywhere, I could have done it from absolutely anywhere. Here’s what NBC TVEverywhere has to offer:

  • Watch your favorite shows whenever you want with NBC TVEverywhere.
  • Watch the latest full episodes of NBC shows the day after they air.
  • Stream live TV of your local NBC station in select markets.
  • Watching your favorite NBC shows is as simple is as simple as pressing play on your laptop.
  • Watch new fall shows – no TV provider login required.
  • Use your TV provider login to watch full episodes of ALL NBC shows the day after they air.

Check it out and watch now. If you want to watch the latest episodes and you don’t have a provider, you can still watch, as most new episodes are unlocked 8 days after airing. Even with that short wait, you still have access to plenty of great television from the convenience of your computer.

So, click to watch now and when you fall in love with NBC TVEverywhere, drop me a comment and let me know.

NBC TVEverywhere Review #TVWithoutTV


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  • Gina Ferrell

    I absolutely love have to watch Chicago Fire too and it’s one of my favorite TV shows. I watch it on my desktop if the kids or my husband are watching the TV.

  • Karen Glatt

    This sounds like such a good idea. Watch TV without the TV anywhere, and I love the Chicago Fire tv show and watch it every week!

  • slehan

    I don’t have a TV and have very little interest in watching TV at my computer. I’d rather read a good book.
    slehan at juno dot com

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