What Mama Learned Last Week: Great Wolf Lodge Edition

Motherhood is full of lessons and sometimes, I’m open to learning them. Here’s what I picked up last week in the newest edition of What Mama Learned.

It helps to just get away.

Sometimes, it just helps to hop in the car and put life’s tough stuff in your rear-view for a while. We hit the road for a much needed get away to Great Wolf Lodge this weekend and it was just what the doctor ordered for this little family.

We have had an absolutely challenging year and some time running around the lodge was quite a stress-reliever. I have to say, being a member of their Ask-A-Mom panel is one of the highlights of this blogger’s life. Here’s a HUGE shout out to the awesome folks who run the Great Wolf Lodge Concord location and if you’ve never visited, we sure do recommend that you do.

The MamaZone: Visit to The Great Wolf Lodge

You never know when you’ll meet a new friend.

After a long day in the water park, there’s nothing quite like questing through the lodge with your Magi Quest wand in hand. It’s fun to do by yourself but a whole lot more fun when you find a friend. And, as my son will tell you, finding a friend to quest with you is not difficult at all.

It’s interesting how a common challenge can bring strangers together and turn them into friends. This kid is always teaching us something new and, though he’ll likely never see Damien again, in his mind, he made a new friend.

You don’t need great pictures to make great memories.

I need a new camera. Badly. But that doesn’t stop me from trying hard to capture fun memories with the one I have. Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t work out and this weekend was one of those times. And, while I’m disappointed about those crappy pictures, they still help me recall the fun we had. In the end, that’s what matters most. (I’m still asking Santa for a new camera, though!)

  • I think your picture is very good! But, a new camera would be awesome!! I want one with wifi. I really want to take my son and Grandkids to the Great Wolf Lodge. Oh, and I’m totally into Jesus too! Nice blog!

    • Anitra Elmore

      Thanks. It was one of the only good ones I captured all weekend! Thanks for popping by.

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