Meet Monday’s Mom: Jennifer K

I love being a mom and I am a huge fan of good moms everywhere! In order to celebrate those moms, I’ve welcomed a few of them to a feature I call Monday’s Mom. Join me each Monday as I share TIDBITS from some incredible women who are making the most of motherhood. This week, our featured mom is Jennifer K. from A “Peace” of Mind.

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 Meet Jennifer K.!

Jennifer is a mompreneur and homeschooling  mom of four. Her mom super power is flexibility and her message to us today is, “Go with it.”

Our plan this year is to be as flexible as we can be. When we are relaxed and flexible, things are so much more full of joy and learning happens more naturally.

That definitely resonates with me and for us homeschooling moms, here’s more from Jennifer on how this can impact the homeschool day:

Make opportunities for learning all around us; share and show tons of awesome games and puzzles and busy bags and other stuff that encourages the kids to create and build and imagine as they learn; read and write and draw and just go with it.  That curiosity and eagerness to know things is there! Eyes are bright, minds are open and all are eager. Of course, I also make sure every one of us is covered in prayer daily so whatever learning adventures we’re on each day are all His will and way for life.

Monday's Mom at - Week 13
Such wisdom!  Say hello to Jennifer in a comment below and be sure to visit her blog.

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  • Jennifer Hilsinger Altman

    I find the same thing with flexibility, I really strive to be more flexible as well, the result is always a lot more peace!

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