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I love being a mom and I am a huge fan of good moms everywhere! In order to celebrate those moms, I’ve welcomed a few of them to a feature I call Monday’s Mom. Join me each Monday as I share TIDBITS from some incredible women who are making the most of motherhood. This week, our featured mom is Hana H. from Green Grandma.

The MamaZone: Monday's Mom Week 11


 Meet Hana H.!

Hana is a mom of daughters who’s flying from an empty nest these days. She’s a grandmother and stepmother who willingly shares from her wealth of experience as a mother. In fact, her mom super power is educating young moms on greener and healthier choices for their families.

Her tip for you? Grab the vinegar! She’s replaced a number of chemically-based products and made shopping much easier by finding ways to incorporate vinegar into her cleaning routine.

“I don’t have to buy fabric softener, bathroom cleaner, window cleaner, hair conditioner, floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner, facial toner, etc. I just have to grab some jugs of distilled white vinegar and put them in my cart in place of all those other items. Easy peasy.”

You’ll find out how she does it in her book, Vinegar Fridays. It’s available on Amazon and you can get all the details on her blog.

Monday's Mom at TheMamaZone.com - Week 11

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