Motivation from Monday’s Mom

I love being a mom and I am a huge fan of good moms everywhere! In order to celebrate those moms, I’ve welcomed a few of them to a feature I call Monday’s Mom. Join me each Monday as I share TIDBITS from some incredible women who are making the most of motherhood. This week, our featured mom is Rebekah H. from My MSPI Baby.

The MamaZone: Monday's Mom Week 10


 Meet Rebekah H.!

Rebekah is a TaeKwonDo-Soccer-Mom of three who is also a blogging mompreneur. Her mom super power is providing daily inspiration and motivation and you can find proof of that on her blog!

Her tip for us this week is that there is an essential oil for everything (and she has yet to find something for which she doesn’t have an oil  ;-)). You know I love oils, so this definitely makes her a mom after my own heart.  I agree that they’re essential to healthy family life and if you have a question about using them, leave a comment for her here or on her blog!

Monday's Mom at - Week 10

Feel free to share her tip and you can see all of the other Monday’s Mom TIDBITS here on Pinterest. If you’re interested in being a Monday’s Mom, fill out this form!

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