What Mama Learned Last Week: On Family, City Life and Birthdays

Motherhood is full of lessons and sometimes, I’m open to learning them. Here’s what I picked up last week in the 50th edition of  What Mama Learned.

Family is complicated.

Some weeks are simply harder than others and last week was one of the hardest I’ve had in a long time. I was reminded that managing family life is often quite complicated, and in those times, love is the only thing that pulls you through. It definitely helps that I’ve been following along in a great series called What I Did For Love. These incredible videos gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going. I totally recommend that you take a look at the videos as well (you might just see someone you know before the month is over).

The MamaZone: Faith Key

I’m not a city girl anymore.

I grew up in Chicago and I left there with all the city-living-skills only city dwellers can understand. And, while I used to pride myself on those skills, an evening walk in downtown New Orleans made it clear that those skills are long gone. Here’s a huge shout-out to suburban living! Give me clean, quiet, empty streets or give me nothing at all.

Birthdays must be celebrated.

…especially when the birthday is yours. Mine is tomorrow so stop by the blog, Facebook or Twitter and wish me a happy one ;-).

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