What Mama Learned Last Year

Motherhood is full of lessons and sometimes, I’m open to learning them. Here’s what I picked up last year, in the newest edition of  What Mama Learned.

Family is everything.

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2015 was a difficult year. And, while I joined the rest of the world in the post-year reflection that’s apparently required in January, one huge lesson smacked me in the face.  We encountered some challenges that I’ve seen destroy families, but thankfully, we are still alive, we never lacked shelter, we never missed a meal and we are still together. It’s been a clear example of God’s love and a reminder that at the end of the day, family is what matters. There’s a reason I make them a priority and I’m absolutely grateful for my little tribe.

Having shared the “huge” lesson of the year, I thought I’d reshare the other lessons and highlight my favorites (like I did in 2014!). So, here are my lessons in motherhood from last year’s list of What Mama Learned.

  1. There’s nothing magical about a new year.
  2. I can survive without soda. (At least I did for a while!)
  3. You gotta use your imagination.
  4. On tragedy and children.
  5. Marriage is a continuing education class.
  6. I’m [always] ready to party.
  7. You have to spend time in your happy place.
  8. It’s much easier to plan a party when you give yourself time.
  9. It’s okay to use your birthday as an excuse to have a party for your friends.
  10. 40 is gonna work out just fine.
  11. They WILL get it.
  12. I make this mommying thing look good.
  13. I know what a toilet flapper is and how to fix one.
  14. A pretty grocery bag makes grocery shopping a little easier.
  15. On resilience.
  16. Cortana likes me more than Siri.
  17. Always be open to discovering new things about yourself.
  18. You’re in charge of your child’s education.
  19. My kids clearly do not trust me.
  20. Things heard on our family vacations.
  21. There’s nothing like seeing your life in boxes.
  22. I need to get my body moving.
  23. Expect some surprises when teaching boys to do laundry.
  24. My kitchen fears were unwarranted.
  25. You like free printables.
  26. My kids think I’m a Smother.
  27. Boys are into weapons.
  28. I enjoy family road trips.
  29. Just keep going.
  30. The park is no place for a mom to wear a bikini.
  31. The park is the perfect place for school work.
  32. If you send a healthy kid to one of those trampoline jumping places and he’s sick the next day, it’s not a coincidence.
  33. You have to try new things.
  34. I don’t need to be afraid of trout skin.
  35. I should not blog when I’m cranky and tired.
  36. Not all dads hold their son’s hands.
  37. We’re not the only family who never has what they need in dad’s car.
  38. I love being with my family.
  39. Sometimes building a family is hard.
  40. Thanksgiving is coming.
  41. Birthdays are awesome.
  42. Sometimes, you just gotta float.
  43. I’m extremely blessed.
  44. Quick tips for cultivating thankfulness.
  45. I’ve got to prime the Christmas pump.
  46. When you’re stranded on the side of the road, Christmas carols help.
  47. The side of the road is a great place to blog.
  48. You learn a lot about a company when they fail you.

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