What Mama Learned Last Week: On Floating, Thanksgiving and Birthdays

Motherhood is full of lessons and sometimes, I’m open to learning them. Here’s what I picked up last week in the newest edition of  What Mama Learned.

Thanksgiving is coming.

How in the world is it already the second week in November?! I need life to slow down just a bit so I can catch my breath. We are busy with holiday plans and it got me to thinking about helping you simplify things a bit. If you haven’t grabbed my free printable Prep List, grab it now.


Birthdays are awesome.

I love a good party and I enjoy celebrating with my family. We had a very fun dad-celebration last week and did a couple of things we hadn’t done before. It’s our tradition that the Birthday boy or girl gets to pick what we eat for dinner, so we sat down for Mediterranean food at a restaurant he’d been wanting to try. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s a peek at the fun in case you’re not following on Instagram yet.

Daddy’s birthday dinner @zoroonabr #yum #SoGratefulForHim #family #LoveThesePeople

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Float.

Have you heard of floatation therapy? Last week’s Monday’s Mom, Hope, posted about it on her Facebook wall and I was so intrigued, I took my guy to Fleauxt, here in Baton Rouge for his birthday. In short, you spend an hour alone in a dark, quiet room, floating in salt water. Can you say, “RELAXING?”  I totally recommend you try it at least once and I’m sure there’s a great floating spa in your area. Have you tried it already? I’d love to hear about your experience and if you try it any time soon, pop by and let me know what you thought.

More soon!

The MamaZone-Trying Floatation Therapy

Be sure to check out this Monday’s Mom for some great t.i.d.b.i.t.s. Let’s chat in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter today. Enjoy your week…

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