What Mama Learned Last Week: On Bikinis, Parks and Sick Kids

Motherhood is full of lessons and sometimes, I’m open to learning them. Here’s what I picked up last week in the newest edition of  What Mama Learned.

The park is no place for a mom to wear a bikini.

And, if you’re that mom I saw in the sprinklers with her toddlers, please read that again. #ItsJustWeird

The park is the perfect place for school work.

Because today the park is our classroom #homeschool #lewisandclark #explorers #journal

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I love the freedom of packing up our books and hopping in the car to homeschool in the park. It’s not something we’ll do often, but a Lewis and Clark journaling assignment gave us the perfect excuse to go out and explore.

And, although we saw a bit more than we bargained for (thanks to the odd bikini-clad mom), we got our work done and enjoyed some fresh air. It was also the best place for science with Tinker Crate. I’m certain my son was not expecting to LEARN something while playing with airplanes!

If you send a healthy kid to one of those trampoline jumping places and he’s sick the next day, it’s not a coincidence.

It’s my own fault for not reminding dad to slather him with hand sanitizer. It’s a good thing we have all the right essential oils on hand. There’s nothing worse than seeing my high-energy-always-going-always-moving-boy down for the count.

You have to try new things.

And you have to teach your kids to try new things. We recently tried snacks from Japan, thanks to our Treat box review last week. Check it out and enter for a chance to try a box of international snacks for yourself!

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And that’s my ramble for the week. What are you learning? I’d love to chat with you about in the comments below!

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