What Mama Learned Last Week: On Being a Mom My Kids Don’t Trust

Motherhood is full of lessons and sometimes, I’m open to learning them. Here’s what I picked up last week in the newest edition of What Mama Learned.

I’m back with more lessons to share. And, though this is supposed to be about what I learned last week, it’s really better described as “What Mama Learned Last Month,” thanks to this crazy grown up life I’m living these days! There’s way too much to share in one post, but I thought I’d regale you with some lessons from a few recent road trips.


My kids clearly do not trust me.

I surprised my kids with a road trip recently and I could not have written a funnier adventure. They thought they were going to the movies and I was completely stunned by how long it took one of them to realize we’d passed every single theater we typically visit.

About an hour in, the older one finally asked where we were really going. My “it’s a surprise” response was followed up with all sorts of responses you just couldn’t make up. Here are my favorites:

“This makes me nervous.”

“You could be kidnapping us.”

“People do kidnap their own kids, you know. It happens all the time.”

“When someone just tosses people in a van and starts driving, all I can think about is Hitler.” (I have no idea why!)

“This isn’t funny. Where. Are. We Going?!”

My first thought was that these kids watch way too much television. Then I started to realize that they apparently do not trust their dear sweet mama. At any rate, they made it where we were going safely and lived to tell the tale to their own children some day. I thanked them for the laughs.

Things Heard On Our Family Vacations

And, since we’re on the subject of family trips, I’ll leave you with the top ten things said on our last vacation:
  1. This brother is preachin it​ (said by the brother who was preaching it.)
  2. I hope I don’t have to go all “sister-girl” on daddy. (Yes. I said it. LOL)
  3. You mean there’s a test for bras and you failed?!
  4. Will I have to go all “sister-girl” on my husband one day?
  5. There’s a bullet in the toilet.
  6. Why don’t the walls work?
  7. Are you trying to be S-E-X-ee?
  8. That’s for old people. I’m not saying you’re old, but it’s for people your age.
  9. Did you wanna just smack me when I was a little kid?
  10. What’s spin the bottle?

I’ll leave you with this lively good morning from my little man of the house.

  • Tayler

    These are adorable! How old are your kids?
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