What Mama Learned Last Week: Life Without a Blog and Overprotecting Kids

Friends!! It’s so good to connect with you after a long break and a stressful last week with a sick blog. I’m back with a few lessons to share, including the one I learned while my internet home was under siege. Enough with the small talk…

The MamaZone: San Jose Del Cabo

I can live without blogging.

If my addictive tendencies show up anywhere, they show up with regard to this blog. There are times when I border on obsessive here in this space, but this summer has been a real reminder that life away from this blog is still life.

My blog was “undergoing maintenance” for most of last week and, while I was frustrated by the fact that support took way too long, it was one more reminder that I can survive without it. I’m grateful for the reminder about my often misaligned priorities and especially grateful for the time to focus on things that matter more.

The internet is a definite threat to innocence.

Boy, do I miss the days when kids had to go through a lot of trouble to find inappropriate things to watch and read. Now, even the ugliest of content is available with the click of a mouse or swipe of a smartphone. It’s getting harder and harder to protect their innocence and last week found me completely overwhelmed because of it. The good news is that it’s forced me straight to my knees and I will not stop looking for ways to protect my kids (and yours!) while they’re plugged in.


Apparently, I’m an overprotective mom.

You don’t earn your stripes as a parent until some teenager starts questioning your approach. I suppose I earned a few more last week when my sweet girl told me I try to protect them from TOO MANY THINGS. Get over it, girl. I’m doing my job.

Marriage is worth the work.

The big guy and I have closed out our almost month-long anniversary celebration. I’m stunned that we’re marking 20 years and I’m reminded once again that the hard work is worth it! Look for a post on our last-minute trip to Mexico along with a creative way we commemorated the occasion.

The MamaZone: Twentieth Wedding AnniversaryPhoto Credit: Karl Davis | www.GoDavis.com

And scene.

You’ve gotten a glimpse into my week and I’d love a glimpse into yours! Let’s chat in the comments or catch me on Twitter @anitra or The MamaZone’s Facebook page. Until next week…

  • mylittlebirdie

    I know what you mean about nasty content online! It’s a daily struggle to keep our home a spiritual haven from the world. The internet has been such a blessing in some ways, and such a destructive force in others. On the other hand, I also know about internet withdrawal! We moved cross country just over a month ago, and we didn’t get internet in our home until a week ago. I almost went crazy. Not really, but it was frustrating at times. Even with our iPhones, the data allowances went too quickly. I was probably more productive around the house than I’ve ever been before, though! 🙂

    • zonemom

      Don’t get me started on internet withdrawal! I set limits on the kids and try to follow them myself, too, but it’s close to impossible!!

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