What Mama Learned Last Week: Tweets, Street Photos, Hummer Limos and Last Days of School

I know you’ve been on pins and needles, so without further adieu, here’s the 10th edition of What Mama Learned Last Week!

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I’ve been on Twitter a long time and my first tweet was completely lame.

My friend Jessica and I learned about Twitter at a teacher’s conference way back in 2007. This was the olden days, when there were no official hashtags or verified accounts and people were still answering the question “What are you doing?”

My first tweet was a literal answer to that question: “I’m at a conference for work” (#lame!). I’ve come a long way in the 13,636 tweets and 6 1/2 years since and, while it’s not one of my favorite places to hang out, it’s definitely been extremely beneficial to my social media success.

Photo challenges can be weird.

The second photo challenge for my Photojojo University course required a photograph from the perspective of a squirrel. Taking this picture caused a good friend to come by to see if my car had stopped on me. So much for looking around to make sure no one was watching. (Follow #pjuniversity on instagram for more submissions.)


I have almost survived the LONGEST school year ever.

One kid finishes up this week and one kid finishes up next week. My prayer is that next school year will be free of start-up delays and ridiculous snow days. What a school year.

The MamaZone: One More Week of School School Bus


We just might be ruining our kids.

Why do 8th graders need to be dropped off at an 8th grade dance in a Hummer limo??? Maybe dad is the owner. Maybe it was some kind of contest prize. Maybe it was a ridiculous idea from a parent who is teaching his/her child what it means to be completely entitled.

Maybe it’s none of my business.

But, I found it completely unbelievable (and I consider myself to be an over-the-top, spoil-them-every-now-and-then parent!). I’m not sure gestures like this send the correct message to children, whether they’re the ones in the limo or the ones watching from the sidewalk. But again, none of my business (yet I could not resist pointing this out).

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