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So, I’ve decided to look at my blog as a business and I’ll be journaling my way through  The Mom Blog to Money Blog online workshop.  Here’s a landing page for you to follow the posts day by day, and if you’re walking through the workshop as well, let me know–it might be worth adding a linky so we can cheer each other on!

  1. Day 1: Blog Layout
  2. Day 2: RSS Feed
  3. Day 3: Social Media Sharing
  4. Day 4: Social Identity
  5. Day 5: Blog Design
  6. Day 6: Setting Up Static Pages
  7. Day 7: Creating A Posting Schedule
  8. Day 8: Blog Post Template 
  9. Day 9: Generating Blog Traffic
  10. Day 10: Creating Systems
  11. Day 11: Making Sense of Adsense
  12. Day 12: Google DFP
  13. Day 13: Affiliate Links
  14. Day 14: Rewarding Your Readers
  15. Day 15: Using Blog Stats to Multiply Traffic
  16. Day 16: WordPress Plug-ins
  17. Day 17: Monetize Your Most Popular Posts
  18. Day 18: High Traffic Tricks of the Trade
  19. Day 19: Email Makes Money Too
  20. Day 20: Increase income using your product/service/Etsy shop
  21. Day 21: Generate traffic, status, and income using giveaways
  22. Day 22: Create a blogging support system
  23. Day 23: Amplify the work of others
  24. Day 24: Linky party strategies
  25. Day 25: Connect at Conferences
  26. Day 26: Time Saving Tools
  27. Day 27: Webmaster Tools
  28. Day 28: Brand and Protect Your Photos
  29. Day 29: Working with Brands
  30. Day 30: Business Blogging Toolkit
Mom Blog to Money Blog


  • Hey Anitra, I’m really eyeing this course but hesitant b/c of the $. Did you feel you got a lot out of the course, as a more advanced blogger and not as a newbie? Everything I’ve read so far when reading about the course has been really positive, so I just wondered how you felt when finished.

    • Anitra Elmore

      Hey Mel! I learned a lot but my guess is you probably know a great deal of this. I would say it’s great for beginner-intermediate bloggers and even though there are a few things an advanced blogger could learn, it might not be worth the money for someone who’s extremely experienced. I will add though, that she has a special section for advanced bloggers on each day and those things should prove helpful. If you decide to buy it, the affiliate opportunity might help make the money back. Hope that helps!

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