Bloggers, Are You Making These Mistakes On Pinterest?

You’ve heard that Pinterest is great for blog traffic and you want in on it. You’ve tried a few things, spent money on courses and you’re still not sure why you’re not getting results. Well, my guess is you’re making a few key mistakes and you just need the right answers to fix them.  I’ve pulled together a free checklist of these mistakes (50 of them!) and a few quick fixes to help point you in the right direction.

I’ve watched bloggers make mistakes in three important areas–on Pinterest itself, on their blogs and in their Pinterest strategy. Here are a few:

Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make on the Platform

  • A weak Pinterest profile.
  • Not having enough boards or having the wrong boards.
  • Thinking like a blogger rather than a Pinterest user.
  • Keyword stuffing.

Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make on Their Blogs

  • Including a pinnable image that won’t do well on Pinterest.
  • Hiding pinnable images incorrectly.
  • Misusing the alt tag and title tag.
  • Starting blog posts with a disclosure sentence.
  • Not making it easy for people to pin and share.

Pinterest Strategy Mistakes Bloggers Make

  • Joining the wrong group boards and Tailwind Tribes.
  • Participating in all-or-nothing Pinterest groups.
  • Having the wrong kind of blog for Pinterest.
  • Not pinning what people need when they need it.
  • Ignoring Pinterest stats.
  • Overthinking it.

I consistently receive 50% of my traffic from Pinterest without driving myself crazy, jumping through hoops or attempting to game the system. I’ve watched bloggers spinning their wheels trying to crack the Pinterest code and I’m certain this free checklist will help point you in the right direction. It’s easy to use and includes a list of the 50 mistakes, plus some quick fixes to help address them. The checklist is absolutely free and you’ll walk away from it with a baseline for improving your Pinterest strategy.

Free Download-Pinterest Mistakes Checklist for Bloggers

But that’s only the beginning. Once you’re ready to dig deeper, you’ll want to grab my eBook,  PINTEREST MISTAKES BLOGGERS MAKE & SIMPLE WAYS TO FIX THEM. In it, I take an in-depth look at all the mistakes listed and offer you the following:

  • Solutions for over 50 Pinterest mistakes bloggers make
  • Actionable steps to adjust your Pinterest strategy
  • Research-based insight on Pinterest success
  • A sustainable Pinterest strategy that takes the long view
  • Insight from a fellow blogger with a decade of experience
  • No fluff, no unrealistic promises, no explosions, just practical results-focused advice
  • Bonus planning materials
  • Access to a private Facebook group

Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make eBook


Download the eBook now and you’ll find the free checklist in the Bonus Materials. If you’d prefer to pass on the book and simply grab the freebie for now, click here.

Use these resources to find out why you’re missing out on Pinterest success. You’ll be surprised how making a few small tweaks to your strategy will lead to huge results. So, pre-order now and get started with the checklist. You’re just a few clicks away from accomplishing your Pinterest goals.

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Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make

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