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We’re back with another homeschool curriculum review. This time, we’re featuring the Fifth Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press. It’s working quite well for us and taking some stress out of our reading lessons. Take a look at our review to find out if it might work for you.

The MamaZone Memoria Press Review

About Memoria Press and The Fifth Grade Literature Guide Set

Memoria Press offers easy-to-use classical Christian education curriculum. Their products emphasize simplicity, quality and affordability and they’ree designed to be accessible to homeschoolers who many not have familiarity with the subjects being taught.

Their Literature study guides focus on vocabulary, spelling, comprehension and compisition. The goal is to train students to become active readers and each literature set pushes students to read slightly above their comfort level to help challenge them to become stronger readers.

The Fifth Grade Literature Guide Set includes the following:

  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Student Guide and Teacher Manual
  • Heidi Student Guide and Teacher Manual
  • Lassie, Come Home Student Guide and Teacher Manual

Our Memoria Press Review

I am the product of a  classical public school education, so I definitely value the classical approach. While we tend to be a little looser in our homeschooling process, this curriculum really works for us. I appreciate that my son is getting exposure to more of the classics. We started with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but I’m excited about moving on to Lassie.  He’s a little thrown by Heidi as a title, but I think he’ll enjoy it.

The student workbooks give my son a chance to really dig into what he’s reading. Here’s what he’s doing in each lesson:

  • Reading Notes
  • Vocabulary Word Study
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Quotations and Discussion Questions
  • Enrichment Activities

Each book also includes unit quizzes and tests, but we haven’t used those yet. The Heidi workbook includes two extra components–Poetry Link and Copybook. I’m not a fan of copy work, so I’m not sure we’ll complete those assignments, but I am, however, excited about spending more time studying poetry. The Lassie workbook has an extensive Appendix to help with the enrichment activities. I’m especially looking forward to helping him explore the literary tools mentioned there.

It’s nice that the set includes the teacher’s guide and student workbook for each title. It’s available for $69.99 without the novels and $94 with all three. While I have graded a few of his activities, I like to give him the teacher’s manual and let him review his answers himself. I am working hard to teach and raise a THINKER, so I appreciate that the questions and activities are helping him to not only recall what he’s read, but to also consider what it means and how he can extend it.

The Mama Zone - Memoria Press Curriculum

And we’ve given it 4 1/2 mamas.

The MamaZone Review: 4 1/2 Mamas[1] It helps to make mama’s life easier.  [2] It’s kid approved, and there I was thinking he’d complain about the workload! [3] It delivers what was promised. [4] I’m on the fence about the pricing. At the end of the day, it’s a consumable workbook that could probably easily be offered as an ebook to reduce the price.  [5] It’s not unique, but it’s definitely useful.

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Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

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