What Mama Learned Last Week

Yep, I learned a few more things last week, and although I’m posting this a day late, I still wanted to share. See if you can relate.

Shopping with a teenager is a lot like shopping with a toddler…

…so don’t go when someone is sleepy or hungry and cut the trip short when they start showing signs of either ailment.

I love that these feet are walking together.

The MamaZone-Going for a WalkIn just over a month, my husband and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary. That’s 20 years of walking through life together–trudging along, pushing, running and climbing our way through challenges and discovering how to love and be loved.

It hasn’t always been a walk in the park and we’ve learned quite a bit the hard way. The good news is our kids won’t have to struggle to learn what we now know about love and marriage and we cannot wait to see how what we’re teaching them will effect their futures.

My passport makes me feel so official.

I finally renewed my passport (it’s been YEARS since the last time I left the country) and I’m surprised by how “official” it makes me feel. Maybe it’s because I watch so many spy shows or something. I somehow feel so grown up 😉 and now I’ll be ready in case we win an international vacation for our anniversary.

The MamaZone: U.S. Passport

Writing an eBay Guide is a bit like blogging.

I worked on a fun campaign writing eBay Guides last week and it felt a lot like blogging on eBay! If you haven’t heard of them yet, eBay Guides give sellers (and shoppers) the opportunity to share their expertise on a particular topic in order to drive traffic to their eBay items or to simply be helpful. Here are the ones I’ve written before (if you click the thumbs-up or leave a comment over there, they’ll think I’m awesome and I’ll be your friend for life).

  1. Organizing Your Kids’ Bedroom
  2. 10 Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Love 
  3. Planning a DIY Secret Agent Party for Kids
  4. Products to Help You Take Great iPhone Photos and Videos
  5. Summer Academics to Prepare Your Kids for the Next School Year
  6. 9 Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Family Fun
  7. Clever Kitchen Gadgets
  8. Cleaning Tools That Make Housework Easier
  9. Updating Your Patio on a Budget
  10. Teaching Kids About Money (this one features MY Money Zone: Give, Go, Grow, Goal Bank for kids!)

Well, that wraps up my week. Come back again next week for more. Remember, life is full of little lessons and sometimes they’re worth sharing! Feel free to share what you’ve learned below and let’s chat a bit.


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