If Mama Ain’t Praying More

IfMamaAin't.com: If Mama Ain't Praying More | 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (photo from Canva)

1 Thessalonians 5:17 is one of my favorite verses, but it hasn’t always been. It’s just three little words, “pray without ceasing,” but for me, these were three of the most impossible words throughout the entire Bible.

I used to think it was a warning, “pray all the time or else!” Praise God I discovered that it is not a warning at all. It is actually an invitation to never be farther away from the Father than our next “Our Father…” It’s His invitation for us to connect with Him any time and all the time, to access His creative and sustaining power whenever we need it.

That understanding freed me.

I had seen it as a warning because I was listening to so many people who made it seem like all they did was pray all day, and yet still managed to get everything done perfectly all the time. I felt guilty because I was nothing like them—I didn’t spend as much time in prayer or keep things as perfectly as they said they did. And isn’t that a typical mama thing? We’re always looking at other mamas to determine whether we measure up (I so hope you’re not doing that with this blog!).

I’m glad I got over the guilt and condemnation. I learned that God was hearing me as I prayed in the car, while I was cleaning, while I was working and during my regular prayer time. I don’t ever have to disconnect and He’s always listening.

One of my favorite prayer songs is, “When I Pray” by Joann Rosario It’s only one minute and twenty-one seconds, but the words always comfort me. “Yes I know that you can hear me, and I feel you always listen, Oh my Father up in Heaven, hear my prayer. Whether tears or joy prevail now, Lord, it doesn’t matter ’cause you fail not. Perfect answers to my questions when I pray. When I pray, You open up the heavens. When I pray, healing waters flow. When I pray.”

I know mamas are busy—working, serving, leading and doing all the things we do, but we have to intentionally stay connected to our Source. I’m one mama who is (because I know God answers prayers) and I’m glad you’re joining me on this journey.


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