Losing Big with Danny Cahill, The Biggest Loser EVER

I’m a sucker for a backstory. Ask my husband. He’ll tell you that the only way he got me to watch boxing was to get me hooked on 24/7. Once I’d found out all there was to know about a fighter, I just had to keep watching until I saw who won.

I was invested.

It happens to me all the time. Tell me something someone has accomplished, and I might be impressed. Show me what he did to get there and he’ll likely have a fan for life. Like many of you, I’m more interested in the process than the results. And, when I know someone has fought through hell to get where they are, I’m more than thrilled to become their new cheerleader.

Enter Danny Cahill.

Heard of him? I hadn’t until recently. I’m sure that’s totally surprising to many of you, especially if you watch The Biggest Loser. I did the first season or two, but had stopped by the time Danny dropped in and shook things up. He shed a whopping 239 pounds (55.58% of his total flippin’ body weight!). He is, to this day, “The Biggest Loser…EVER,” and while, that’s more than enough reason to join the Danny bandwagon, it’s his life story—his backstory that has drawn me in as his newest fan.

See, I spent the last day or so reading Danny’s first book, Losing Big. It’s actually not just his book, as his awesome wife, Darci also shares her story. The two of them have walked through some very difficult times to get to where they are now. The book tells of their struggles, their faith and their perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

It’s a book about real life and the couple does not gloss over their failings. In fact, there are more chapters dedicated to sharing their troubles than there are to Danny’s time on the show. You’d think that being in the throes of my own weight loss adventure would have me more interested in how Danny lost the weight. The truth is, I was so captivated by how he and Darci pushed through trial after trial, that his weight loss sorta just faded to the background.

It’s an absolutely clever approach. You assume, as the reader, that a 239 pound weight loss will be the center of attention, only to find that it was just one challenge in a stream of challenges, one miracle in a stream of miracles that had characterized the Cahills’ life. They have, however, used his amazing feat, to share the rest of their story—a story about addiction, relationship troubles, depression, family issues and more, and they’re challenging people everywhere to win in life by losing their lives. You’ll just have to read it for yourself to understand what I mean, and yes, I do recommend this highly transparent retelling of their trials and triumphs.

While it took me a moment to settle into the book, after the first few pages, it became a very easy and enjoyable read. I teetered between giving it 4 1/2 or  4 mamas, but I was so thoroughly inspired, I settled on 5.

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