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This review was facilitated by Schoolhouse Review Crew and Logic of English.

Are you ready for another homeschool curriculum review? We’ve amped up our spelling and vocabulary instruction with Logic of English. We’re working through their Essentials Second Edition and it’s had a definite impact on our language arts studies.

Logic of English Review

About Logic of English

Logic of English offers tools to help diverse learners succeed in reading.  Their products are aimed at helping children develop the critical thinking skills necessary to understand the “whys” of English instead of focussing on drill and rote memorization.

Materials utilize multi-sensory methods to address key skills. The curriculum is based on leading research and designed to assist struggling readers, English language learners and students with varying learning styles. Their products are appropriate for both homeschool and school use and focus on the following skills:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • The Alphabetic Principle and systematic phonics
  • Fluency and high-frequency words
  • Handwriting
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension

About Logic of English Essentials Second Edition

The MamaZone: Logic of English Curriculum Review

The Essentials Second Edition is a robust reading, spelling, grammar and vocabulary curriculum that can be used with students of multiple reading levels. I was drawn to it because I was looking for a comprehensive approach to language arts. This delivered! We received the complete set, which includes the following:

  • Essentials Teacher’s Guide
  • Essentials Student Workbook
  • Spelling Journal
  • Morpheme Cards
  • Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
  • Spelling Rule Flash Cards
  • Grammar Flash Cards
  • Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards
  • Phonogram Game Cards: Bookface & Cursive
  • Phonogram Game Tiles
  • Spelling Analysis Card
  • Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference

The Essentials curriculum is appropriate for ages 7 to adult. Lessons are broken down across 5 days and incorporate games, workbook activities and the use of flash cards. This one curriculum can be used to teach children across three different levels of reading instruction. There are lists, activities and directions specific to each level, making this great for homeschooling kids of different ages.

Our Logic of Engish Review

I LOVE the idea of Logic of English, but I was quite overwhelmed with the content and supplies when we first started. It didn’t take me long to realize I desperately needed the instructional videos available on their website. I felt a lot like I did during my first week as a new teacher. There is definitely a learning curve!

When I say the curriculum is robust, I mean it. There are so many moving parts and my usual homeschooling auto-pilot mode did not work with this curriculum. Unlike our other lessons, I have to spend quite some time preparing to teach with Logic of English. While they describe it as “easy-to-teach,” I often find it somewhat challenging.

Having said that, doing the work required to use it has paid off. My son has always struggled with spelling, so breaking the words apart, teaching him the meanings from the root and helping him grasp spelling rules is definitely changing the game. He says he prefers this curriculum and methods to the ones he’s experienced before. That makes me extremely happy and gives me a reason to keep using the Logic of English Essentials curriculum.

It was a bit hard to quantify this one, but we’ve given it 4 mamas.

The MamaZone: 4 Mamas[1] Unfortunately, it doesn’t make mama’s life easier. It actually increases our homeschool workload but it’s turning out to be worth it.  [2] It’s kid approved, and at the end of the day, that’s really all that matters!! [3] It delivers what was promised. [4] It’s a little pricey at $198, but it’s a worthwhile investment. [5] It’s unique in its comprehensiveness and depth.

And, although it’s not a 5, we will definitely continue to use it. Click the banner below to see what other Schoolhouse Review Crew members thought. Are you familiar with Logic of English? Let’s chat about it in the comments!


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Logic of English Review

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