Listerine Heroic Habits

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The MamaZone: Build Heroic Habits with Listerine

I remember when I was responsible for just one set of teeth. Now, with four times the smiles in my house, my tooth-to-do-list has definitely increased.

Not only am I researching the best oral care and shopping for it, I’m also yelling reminders, making lists and leaving gentle hints on bathroom mirrors. I suppose it’s par for the course for any mom and just one of the ways we encourage healthy habits in our families.

The MamaZone: Listerine Heroic Habits
My little hint on the mirror…
The Mama Zone: Listerine Heroic Habits
…his response to my hint on his mirror!

LISTERINE’s Heroic Habits

LISTERINE is shining a light on our efforts to keep our families healthy with a campaign they’re calling Heroic Habits. They recognize the creativity and hard work involved in cultivating healthy habits at home and they’re celebrating that work with fun videos of America’s Healthiest Heroes like the one below.


I have incorporated LISTERINE into our healthy oral habits for years. The Smart Rinse mouthwash is the easiest way to get my kids to rinse and since I sorta have a thing for floss, I’m excited about their new ULTRACLEAN dental floss.


Check out more of the Healthiest Heroes videos and look for another post soon with details about our progress as we give their new floss and Healthy White Dental Rinse a try. Until then, shop for LISTERINE products at some of your favorite retailers.  Is there a LISTERINE product you LOVE? Let’s chat about it in the comments.

“With more than 100 years of innovation in oral care, LISTERINE® Brand has your family covered with a diverse portfolio of products including a whitening mouthwash, mouth rinse just for kids, unique floss formulations and products to kill bad-breath germs on-the-go.” 


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  • Karen Glatt

    I like all of these Listerine products and use a lot of them. I like the mouthwash because it really helps with cutting down on gingivitis. And the floss is the best!

  • mylittlebirdie

    I know that it’s lame, but I hate flossing. I still have my wisdom teeth and they’re all crammed together, so flossing isn’t easy in my little mouth. It’s something I need to work on!

    • zonemom

      I admit that I used to hate it too, but I’m not sure why! Try one of the newer smoother types of floss or the ones on the long wand. That might help.

  • Jojams

    Listerine products are so great!

  • Sounds like a great campaign! Love your reminder on the mirror for your kids. I definitely need to use mouthwash more often.

    • zonemom

      Thanks for popping by Janelle!

  • zonemom

    Thanks–playing around with the graphics is one of my favorite blog-things to do. Thanks for popping by!

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