Keeping Kids Well As They Go Back to School

The MamaZone: Keeping Kids Well As They Head Back to School

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There are so many things to consider as you prepare to send kids back to school. Did you get everything on the supply list? Did he find the perfect back-pack and lunch box? Do you have the correct bus route and homeroom? Will the longest-summer-break-ever end any time soon?

It’s definitely a long list, but I’ve got one more question to add. Have you done enough to make sure your kids stay healthy as they go back to school? Here’s a checklist to help you ensure that you have.

  • Focus on Prevention. I remind my kids often, that school can be a nasty place. With so many dirty hands, uncovered sneezes and yucky noses, it’s a playground for bacteria and germs. Make sure your kids are washing their hands and keeping them out of their mouths, nose and eyes when they’re at school. I also go as far as banning my kids from the water fountain. Use your discretion on that decision.
  • Boost Their Immunity. A natural immunity booster goes a long way toward keeping kids well. Though it’s not available in the US yet, the Children’s Immunity Booster from Puraforce is a great option for this. The goal is to offer kids a natural alternative for keeping their immune systems healthy and strong. Again, this focuses on prevention, which is your first line of defense when it comes to kids’ health.
  • Make Sure They’re Well Rested. Don’t underestimate the power of regular sleep. As kids grow and develop, their little bodies and brains need sleep to maintain optimal health. A regular bedtime and a bedtime routine are essential to their health. If this is a difficulty in your home, focus on being patient and consistent. You’ll get there.

These small steps should produce great results as you attempt to keep your kids healthy for the back to school season and beyond. Take a look at more of the wellness bundles available from Puraforce to help you in your efforts. Here’s to a healthy school year and to making wellness a priority. If you have other tips for back to school wellness, please leave a comment below this post.

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  • Laura Hawkins

    I make sure my children have a healthy breakfast every morning. You can make oatmeal the night before and refrigerate it. In the morning, heat it in the microwave and fill it full of frozen or fresh fruit and/or flavorful yogurt to sweeten it. It’s easy and nutritious.

  • Kim L.

    Preventing illness is so important in our family. My husband is a teacher and my son is in third grade so they are both exposed to a multitude of germs each day. Aside from hand washing and sanitizing, we try to make sure that they are both well-hydrated. My son packs a large water bottle for school and at my husband’s school, they’ve installed water bottle refilling stations throughout the school. They’re fantastic. Nobody has their mouth on it like a water fountain and the ability to refill water bottles reduces waste. I wish every school would install them! We also try to have easy, healthy food prepped for our busy days. I bake peanut butter-banana bread with whole wheat flour and flaxseed for breakfasts/snacks and I do a lot of freezer cooking for dinners.

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