AnitraI’m Anitra (that’s a-n-i-t-R-a) and I’m pleased to welcome you to If Mama Ain’t…! I’m a content creator, online influencer, and all-around fun gal and I’m extremely happy you’ve chosen to hang out with me. If you’ve followed me on The MamaZone, this info will look quite familiar. If this is our first time meeting, welcome!

If Mama Ain’t… was my very first blog and the reason I started blogging to begin with. I started here back in 2009 and I’ve recently revived my long lost love after a brief hiatus. Though I consider it a separate blog, it’s nestled in The MamaZone’s site so that I can manage it easier. So, if you see links or images that refer to The MamaZone, now you’ll understand why.

My goal here is to share biblical truth that helps mamas pursue Jesus as they do all they do. We make tons of mistakes in our journey toward home, but if we abide in him and walk together, we can get things right more often than not. You’ll have to read the first post to understand where the name and angle came from. I so enjoy this opportunity to minister to you here because, as the tagline says,  “if mama ain’t right, things can go terribly wrong.”

More about me:

I pretend to be a stay-at-home mom, though this blogging thing is essentially a full-time job. When I can tear myself away from the keyboard, I (s)mother two awesome kids and play better-half to their amazing dad who’s called me wife for 20 years. Here we are all gussied up on a windy day…

The Mama Zone - Family

Before this stay-at-home mom gig, I was a real life elementary school teacher (I’ve got the Master’s Degree to prove it!). I dabbled a bit in technical writing and fancied becoming a graphic designer. I’ve also done some event planning and administrating along the way, but I’ve given my heart to social media and it’s filling my need-to-accomplish-something-void for now.

I started on Facebook and Twitter back in 2007 and I now share my online world with about 20,000 friends, followers and fans. When I’m not here, you can find me representing Great Wolf Lodge on their Ask-a-Mom panel. I love living my life out loud online and especially love sharing here on my blog. Check out my “What Mama Learned Last Week” series on The MamaZone if you really want a glimpse into my world.